Monday, October 11, 2010

Get virtual books, for free or close to free.

My Brainy Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing won't exist until next month, but I have a picture already.

It’s good to have a realistic "3D" picture of a book before it exists, for publicity, seeking orders, and evaluating titles and cover designs with more impact than a flat printout or monitor viewing can provide. A picture of a printed book can also help to sell eBooks.

If you have a cover image, it can be magically attached to a realistic picture of one book or a stack of books at

You can choose from a huge selection of book types, and even CD-ROMs, loose-leaf notebooks, iPads and multimedia packages. The picture above was a freebie. Some other styles (like the one below) have to be paid for with an inexpensive membership ($9 per month, or $90 per year).The service is extremely easy to use, and an image takes less than a minute to render and download.

Internet Hell exists now only on my hard drive, but I have a picture of the book.


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