Monday, September 6, 2010

Wear your book to toot your horn

If you write books, you must be prepared to sell them. Authorship--especially self-published authorship--is not for the bashful or meek. If you’re not confident enough to talk about your book and yourself, you’ll have to hire someone else to do it for you.

Every person you encounter is a potential customer. Even if you hire experts to toot your horn for you, you’ll miss potential sales if you are too shy to toot to or talk to strangers. Don’t be overbearing, abrasive or obnoxious. But there is often an opportunity to work your book into a conversation, even with the person ahead of you at the post office or next to you on a plane. If she seems interested, give her a business card or two with your book cover and ordering information, or a custom bookmark.

One possible way to stimulate conversation is to become a walking and talking billboard for your book.

  • Outskirts Press will be glad to sell you customized Keds sneakers bearing images of your book cover (and, of course, the Outskirts logo) for $99. Zazzle will make them for as little as $60.
  • It's much more likely that people will notice your chest (especially a well-developed chest, either male or female) than your feet. You can get a custom T-shirt showing your book cover from Zazzle for as little as $12.95 or from VistaPrint for $9.49. Quantity discounts are available if you want to dress a large family or a small army.
(The top photo is a Zazzle model--not me. I have more hair on my face, and now it's gray.)

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  1. I've thought about wearing a shirt with a picture of the cover of one of my books on it before. I might have to try now.

    The $99 Keds are a ridiculous idea.