Monday, September 20, 2010

Publishing advice I never finished reading

by Barry Reeves

Recall back in the times when there were zero online printing services and in case you desired to release a book, you had to go through the procedure of writing a query letter, finding an agent, finding an editor, getting an artist, and managing all of the modifications and bureaucracy that go along with the conventional printing houses? [If I found an agent and the agent found a publisher, the publisher would assign an editor and artist, and I'd have very little to manage.]  Well, thanks to the web, these times are behind us. Print-on-demand and personal publishing companies [What are those?] have changed the way the book market does business, but just before you jump into self printing, [What's that?] it is essential to fully grasp the characteristics of this unique press business. Whilst [Who do you think you are, Shakespeare?] printing is now simpler than ever, you will find some points that each and every [Repetitious, redundant, superfluous.]  possible self author [What's that?] has to learn.

Just before the growth of the web world, [As opposed to the World Wide Web?] the traditional writers would be the kings [What about women?]  of the publishing world however, there the Cafepress, Lulu, Createspace and many others that could help you to print your book on the web. [Exactly where on the web do they keep the printing presses?] The principal attribute of the increase of self publishing market like Lulu is because of the conventional publisher’s absence in the circulation. [What the hell does that mean?] Some of the conventional publishers will say, that they don’t have enough spending budget to print your book, even if they had since only a easy response “manuscript rejection”.  [What does that sentence mean?] Comparing to the self printing that you are the editor of your very own book. [What the hell does that non-sentence mean?] [Writers should not be their own editors.]

You will find different web editors [A web editor is software for designing web pages.]  including the 3 providers pointed out previously to manufacture your book along with print them [Printing is part of manufacturing.] and deliver them then distribute it, [What the hell does that mean?] after that, they make profit from your publishing. Personal writers aren’t that sort of writers that will really paid the writings however the writer himself will cover the publishing. [What the hell does that sentence mean?]

There were some more words, but I had no reason to read them.

Aah, what the heck... here's some more: And as a writer, you’ve nothing to get worried but waiting to get your income from the printing stores, and also you’re the 1 to choose how much per publication will out in the market.... They’re the exact same in the matter of the control how much will each book will cost to the purchasers.

Barry says "I have developed excellent communications and interpersonal skills and the ability for thinking outside the box. I consider myself a good leader and mentor and enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge with others."

Maybe  Barry shouldn't be teaching about publishing.

Barry Reeves should not be allowed within 100 yards of a keyboard, pen, pencil, tattoo needle, quill, crayon or piece of chalk in the United States until someone teaches him how to write in English.

(Barry's photo is from his Facebook page.)

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  1. Barry should concentrate on improving his writing before he moves out of the box.