Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The world is ready and waiting for my new book, and I'll reveal a secret for FREE

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Last year I wrote and published Become a Real Self-Publisher: Don't be a victim of a vanity press. It warns writers about the companies that produce lousy, overpriced books that few people buy or review, and urges writers to form their own small publishing companies, like I did.

I recognize that not all writers want to become publishers, and a few days ago I finished a new book that will help people to get decent books from what I used to call "vanity publishers."

At some time in the next few hours (or days), Get the Most out of a Self-Publishing Company: Make a better deal. Make a better book should be available for shipping to the customers of Amazon, B&N and other booksellers. It has been online for advance ordering for several weeks, and has already earned an Amazon sales ranking close to 100,000. That's pretty damn good for a brand new book that nobody has read or reviewed yet.

There are already over 4,000 links for the title on Google. That's a lot of links for a book that doesn't actually exist. And while those links are for the book's title, the high "searchability" means that people who don't know that the book exists but want information about self-publishing can find links to my book, and maybe buy it.

But--even better than those 4,000 links--is the book's amazing placement on Google Shopping, the sub-site where people go to find books about various subjects, even if they don't know the title of a book or if there is a book about the subject.

A search for the key phrase "self-publishing company" shows my brand-new book in the NUMBER ONE position. The next position is held by Aaron Shepard's great POD for Profit, which has been out since the spring.

My "Real Self-Publishing" book has the third position.

I can't deposit search positions in my checking account, and I don't mean to gloat (I will smile and giggle a bit). But it's pretty amazing that my books about self-publishing have two of the top three positions in a Google Shopping search--and I did not pay a penny to achieve this visibility.

And on the mighty Amazon.com, a search for books about "self-publishing company" shows my new book in the number three position out of over 2,000 books.

My other book about self-pubbing, on sale for nearly a year and with ten great reviews, is much farther down on the list.

Unlike some others, I'm not going to try to sell you a package of secrets, I do wish you success in publishing and I'll gladly share what I've learned, for free: promote early and often!

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