Friday, August 20, 2010

PublishAmerica is even stupider and sleazier than I thought.

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I am a book reviewer and columnist who has something to add to this discussion. Prentiss Gray said “There are columnists, book review editors, and lots of other people who may think your book is worth selling.” I believe every writer deserves a chance and I contacted this publisher about doing reviews for my column. They gave me the runaround for about a week and then sent me an email saying my request was denied (without an explanation) but with a sales pitch! They offered to let me buy a copy of the book I was interested in reviewing! I kid you not. Traditional publishers routinely make review copies available. The news media does not pay to review books. Sorry. Learn from this. Authors, put PublishAmerica out of business in one easy step. Stop buying copies of your own books.

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  1. Careful.. they also like to sue.

  2. I have eight blogs with e-mails about Publishamerica, you should read Jake's Justice:Comments.
    I also have links there to my other blogs.