Monday, July 26, 2010

A plea for help from someone who should probably forget about a literary career

(re-posted without alteration from, 7/24/10)

i wrote a novel about a month ago and well, obviously i want to publish it but the thing is- i am clueless about it all.

first;y, i checked online on tips and how-tos but they all are confusing and gibberish, often contradicting.

i am hoping a person in here with expertize on the field can tell me a thing or two about publishing a novel.

i am ready to print it and re-read it.
what are Print on Demand? do i need to do it? do i need an editorial still? do i need to see a copyrights person for this? (there is an office building with such department near where i live, or do i need to file papers of Copyrights and send, ect…)

how does the process go and how long it takes and when do i start earning my royalties? do i need a cover artist or i can use my hand and submit my own art work (yes, i can draw GOOD)? do i need to pay for some the these things? how do i know my publisher is trustworthy? do i need a publisher or i can do it myself? because i read of those who well, relinquish your ownership of your work and i dont want that.

i have checked the sites; and im not so sure… i checked with Vertigo but well, they say ‘to go to a Con and check with some guys and see if they are intersted…

BTW its is a written novel, sci-fi and it has mature contents and ’super heroes and villains’…

help-y plz and thnx ^.^


  1. >>When do i start earning my royalties?<<

    (1) Several years after you learn to speak and write in English or another Earthly language.

    (2) When hell freezes over.

    (3) When you buy a publishing company and write your own contract.

    (4) When there's peace in the Middle East.

    (5) All of the above.

  2. This plea for help undoubtedly comes from a person who has tried to write a novel in a language not his mother tongue. You can figure this out quite easily by observing some of the constructions.

    That's probably why he sees the online "tips and how-tos" as "confusing and gibberish, often contradicting."

    I do have a certain amount of sympathy, even admiration, for a person who has the guts even to attempt such a feat in a second language. I speak not-too-terrible conversational Spanish, but I would stick a ballpoint pen in my eye before I'd try to write a book in that language.

    Michael, I applaud your self-restraint in publishing this request without comment, and at 5:43 a.m., too. And Don -- your comment was BRILLIANT. I am still hiccuping after laughing loud and long enough that my cat jumped off my lap and left the room in disgust.

    Thanks to both of you for starting my day at the computer so memorably.

  3. I agree with Betsy, although my first thought was that it was a young kid-- teenager, maybe. I see a lot of them on the CreateSpace boards publishing their "novels" with their sweet sixteen money.

    They are wrining their hands because the books aren't selling (big surprise) and one look at their grammar and spelling errors tells why.