Friday, July 2, 2010

Now my attacker wants to stop my books from being printed and has accused my printer Lightning Source of distributing pedophile books

My attacker sent the following emails to Lightning Source, the company that prints and distributes most of my books:

Sent using BlackBerry
From: Johnathan Hawking BULLSHIT

To: Inquiry
Sent: Sun Jun 27 07:14:36 2010

Subject: Pedophile at Lightning Source

Dear Lightning Source,

Lightning Source is aiding and abetting a known convicted Pedophile BULLSHIT Michael N Marcus, and allowing him and his company Silver Sands Books to use LSI as a weapon and recruiting organization BULLSHIT for an international pedophilia ring. BULLSHIT

1. Why are you allowing a convicted Pedophile BULLSHIT (Michael N Marcus) to distribute books to Amazon and Barnes & Noble using Lightning Source, Inc?

2. Michael N Marcus (AKA Silver Sands Books) is a Milford, CT resident and registered child sex offender BULLSHIT who has distributed books using your company LSI to booksellers under Silver Sands Books.

3. Legal Background on Marcus:  BULLSHIT

4. We BULLSHIT are campaigning BULLSHIT for a change in Megan's Law, so pedophiles BULLSHIT like Michael N Marcus can't move State to hide their crimes and/or publish books with Lightning Source, Inc to groom children on the internet. BULLSHIT

5. Read Facebook Petition To Connecticut Governor To Review Pedophile Michael N Marcus: BULLSHIT &v=wall ALMOST EVERY "PERSON" WHO SIGNED IS A FAKE

6. Earlier this year, he published a book defaming Outskirts Press using Lightning Source: ACTUALLY IT WAS NOT PUBLISHED BY LIGHTNING SOURCE, AND WAS COMPLETELY TRUE. OUTSKIRTS HAS NEVER CHALLENGED THE BOOK.

Yours sincerely,

Johnathan Hawking BULLSHIT
Secretary, Petition to Connecticut Governor BULLSHIT


From: Harold Bishop BULLSHIT []
Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010 5:21 PM

Subject: Pedophile BULLSHIT using Lightning Source, Inc.

Dear Kelly Guy and Natalie Mozingo,

Re: Silver Sands Books - Registered Sex Offender BULLSHIT Michael N Marcus (

We are writing to LSI on behalf of a group of concerned parents, BULLSHIT regarding the above named 'Silver Sands Books' which is a Lightning Source Publisher, and is currently distributing pedophilia-related material BULLSHIT to Amazon and well known online booksellers under an LSI contract.

Silver Sands is owned by a single convicted pedophile BULLSHIT, Michael N Marcus (, who has devastating convictions BULLSHIT for raping a young boy in California. BULLSHIT This man is a registered child molester BULLSHIT and sexual predator BULLSHIT who has served jail time BULLSHIT for extremely serious sexual offences against children. BULLSHIT He has destroyed a young boy's childhood and ruined a family's life. BULLSHIT


1. Why is Lightning Source, Inc. allowing Marcus, who is a lone-author, not a company, BULLSHIT to publish sexually horrific material BULLSHIT using LSI materials and/or digital facilities?

2. If Lightning Source claims not to work directly with authors; why have you allowed a pedophile BULLSHIT (i.e. Silver Sands Books) to distribute questionable materials BULLSHIT and slip through the net? BULLSHIT

2. For your information, Michael N. Marcus used LSI to publish a disturbing sexual book BULLSHIT involving school children BULLSHIT, with the tagline - "DIRTY PARTS ARE EASY TO FIND" in capital letters embedded on the cover file. Why is LSI distributing this book on Amazon? This is a demonstrable outrage that LSI is distributing this book. BULLSHIT

3. Please join us today by signing our petition to Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell asking that this pedophile BULLSHIT, Michael N. Marcus, be immediately put on the Sexual Offenders Register in CT, where he lives near schools and children's play areas.


Please remove Mr Marcus's evil and sick works of pedophilia BULLSHIT from circulation forthwith or face the consequences in a lawsuit BULLSHIT that our organization is planning against this pedophile's self publishing website, Silver Sands Books.

Harold Bishop BULLSHIT and Susan Fisher BULLSHIT

Protect America's Children


  1. Good God! Get a life.

  2. I think we all know who your attacker is. Who else would complain about a pedophile publishing a supposedly defamatory book about Outskirts Press?

  3. When I first read of this crap I thought of one person, one company who would do such a thing. One. I hope Lightning Source has the courage and ethical stance to continue printing your books, and I will buy them. Something very ugly and dangerous beyond the attack on Michael Marcus is going on here, which is ugly and dangerous unto itself. If this person can succeed in damaging Michael Marcus, then other writers must ask, are they next to be attack by this person? Other publishers must ask, are they on the list to be attacked?
    Will this rabid attacker bites the hand that feeds it, and attack sites that sell books if felt slighted in any manner? Competitors should feel very uneasy. If they don’t they need to take into consideration at what this person did to Michael Marcus, and he is not even a competitor. Maybe next time this attacker will want a CEO from the publishing world. Book reviewers better think twice, and then a third time about writing a less than 5 star review on a person like this. Anyone who can do this horrible thing, have a list. People who hate ALWAYS have a list. EVERYONE in the publishing community, on every level ---EVERYONE--- should be paying attention to this sick person who clearly will not stop. This person should NOT be seen as petty and mean. This person is dangerous, and a danger to anyone, and any company who has anything to do with publishing. This is an attack on Michael Marcus but make no mistake about it this should also be seen as an attack on the publishing industry. What happens next is very important. Mighty damn important. People have to give a damn.