Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lulu wastes money while depleting the planet's natural resources

CLICK and maybe you'll better understand why Lulu has lost money since it was founded, despite charging higher prices than its competitors.


  1. I saw this. It's true that LULU uses a lot of wasted packaging, but I always re-used their excellent boxes to ship my books to Amazon Advantage (when I used LULU) so I know they got re-used and then recycled by Amazon.

    I did get loose books from Lulu once or twice, but the big benefit of Lulu's packaging is that the books always arrive perfect and unscuffed. CreateSpace has serious shipping quality issues; in fact, I think that's their biggest drawback.

  2. Thought you might find this interesting Michael. I've never read any of April Henry's books but apparently she has taken exception to Authorhouse. Here's her page: