Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This doofus* should NOT be giving advice

"Self Publishing a Book explained in one minute"


From Lull Mengesha: 1) Register for a copyright. 2) Get ISBN and Barcode. 3) Find Print on Demand Publisher. These are just the things that took me a LONG time to figure out that really shouldn’t have been so difficult. Again, if you need anything that I could possibly answer, feel free to email me lullmengesha@gmail.com

From Michael N. Marcus: The first thing you do is NOT to register for a copyright. That’s one of the last things you do, and you can do it months after the book is published. It’s also a bad idea to produce a promotional video that shows your book with a left-right reversal. Lull has a lot to learn before he starts giving advice, and he needs an editor, or a better editor, for the book. Finally, of course it's not possible to explain self-publishing in one minute. My book about self-publishing has 432 pages, and probably takes a few days to read.

* Doofus: Someone who hasn't got a clue! (from Urban Dictionary)



  1. It looks like he certainly put the book together in under a minute!

    Did he shoot this Youtube video in the mirror?

  2. There's a video on Youtube, "How To Write A Book In 3 Hours":


    Publishing shouldn't take more than a minute or so extra ... should it? ;-)