Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Sunday sermon about hypocrisy, stealing and lying by "Christian" publisher CrossBooks

Today is Sunday. Hallelujah!

"Christian" vanity press CrossBooks says, "In the spirit of Christ, Christians should oppose racism, every form of greed, selfishness, and vice, and all forms of sexual immorality, including adultery, homosexuality, and pornography...."

LIE: "Everything that you need to publish a quality book is included in our publishing packages." Some packages don't include editing, a Library of Congress Control Number or copyright registration. Those items are fundamental parts of publishing a book.

LIE: CrossBooks claims to provide from 10 to 425 "free books." As with less-pious vanity publishers, the books are free only if you ignore the payment of from $1,099 to $36,999 for a publishing package.

MISLEADING DISTORTION: CrossBooks brags about paying its authors a 50% royalty. That seems like much more than the approximate 8% paid by traditional publishers. HOWEVER, the 50% is based on net receipts, not the cover price.

Retail Sale Example:
$17.95 (SRP "Suggested Retail Price")
- $8.62 (48% Retail Discount)
= $9.33 (Net Retail Discount)
- $4.97 (COGS "Cost of Goods Sold")
= $4.36 (Net “Cost of Goods Sold”)
x 50% (Royalty Rate)
= $2.18 (Royalty Earned)

This royalty is pathetic chump change, just about 12% of the cover price, and far from the 50% royalty that prospective CrossBooks customers may be salivating over.

THEFT: CrossBooks charges its authors $780 for 5,000 business cards. While it is extremely unlikely that any author would need that many, a more reasonable price is $80 (from VistaPrint).

THEFT: CrossBooks charges its authors $600 for 1,000 4" x 6" color postcards. While it is extremely unlikely that any author would benefit from mailing out that many cards, a more reasonable price is $200 (for bigger cards, also from VistaPrint).

THEFT: CrossBooks charges its authors $90 for a Library of Congress Control Number. You can get one yourself -- for free!

THEFT: CrossBooks charges its authors $204 for copyright registration. You can do it yourself -- for $35.

CrossBooks says, "Each manuscript submitted to CrossBooks undergoes a Theological Review to ensure the material is theologically sound and adheres to our Statement of Faith." I guess some folks at CrossBooks missed the propoganda about righteousness and opposing greed, selfishness and vice. Maybe the Theological Reviewers should review their company's business practices. Lying and stealing is much worse than porn, non-marital sex or being gay.

(photo from Saint Julian's Episcopal Church, Douglasville, Georgia. Thanks.)


  1. Chrissst! 780.00 for 5,000 business cards!! That's such a rip off I took the lord's name in vain!

  2. Yowza!

    I think this is what is called a hypocrisy crushing smackdown.

    I'm listening.

  3. When the SOBs from CrossBooks get down here, I'm gonna make them regret their sinful ways.

  4. Holy shit! What would Jesus do?

  5. Sounds like sour grapes and/or half-truths on the part of Mr. Marcus. Maybe he should do a little more research before spewing out so much garbage as an "expert." I've done a rather thorough investigation of my own of several publishing houses. Found very little evidence of the claims mentioned above. In fact, practically just opposite. Are you sure you're not just overly intolerant of religious people? Got an axe to grind with them?

    1. If they are not good can you tell me a good publishing company to contact???

  6. No grapes, no half-truths, no garbage, no axe, no anonymity, plenty of research.

    Identify yourself and prove your allegations, or STFU.