Friday, June 25, 2010

Sometimes white isn't right.

I love the look of a crisp, clean, white book cover. It can look very strong when held in your hand or when on display in a bookstore.

The web is very different.

A white cover just blends into the white background of a bookseller's website, and ends up being just a group of little dark images on a big white page.

Compare the early white version of my upcoming book, with a later (not final) version on blue. The blue background holds the elements together.

If you don't want to use a color background, you can use a contrasting frame around the cover.

Be aware that with the typical plus-or-minus 1/16-inch tolerances of print-on-demand, your front cover artwork may creep a bit onto the spine, or may not quite reach the spine. One way to avoid that problem is to continue the background tone onto the spine and back cover.

This blog uses an off-white background, so what you see here is not quite as bad as what would happen on or B&N's website.


  1. You enjoy using young blondes for your covers, eh? I like the blue background a lot better.

  2. To Christy:

    Actually, I prefer babes with dark hair, like you; but apparently the folks who shoot stock photos prefer blondes.

    I dated only two blondes in my life. They're both in that book.

  3. Wow! I'm a babe? Too bad it took until I was 36 for anyone to notice.


    I'm so sexy right now in flannel PJs with dirty hair and baby slobber on my shirt (at home with my toddler, nursing his ear infection). I'm telling you, good looks are completely wasted on the young.