Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pathetic author's life was saved by
Outskirts Press

"I am ecstatic. From 1993 to 2006 my life was a struggle to be recognized and appreciated and now after 13 years I have achieved a goal that has been imprinted in my mind since my wonder years. [I thought "The Wonder Years" was created by Carol Black and Neal Marlens, not this guy.] You can imagine the relief that sets in when you have overcome a life’s hurdle and are helped in success by an authorized body, like Outskirts Press. [If Outskirts Press is an "authorized body," I am the Emperor of Japan and the Queen of England.] The realization that the book was in my hands and on sale to the world was a tremendous achievement [Yes, it signifies that you can type and had a sufficient limit on a credit card.] and it makes me feel whole, complete, worthy, revived, excited and motivated to live my life happily, fully and more inspired. [That's pathetic. Now, forget about the book and get a life.] I honestly feel like Outskirts Press saved my life." [It probably would have been faster and less expensive to call 911.] - Ronnie Lee, author of The Genius of the Metropolis and seven other books with Outskirts Press. [That's not exactly Simon & Schuster.]

Here's the crappy book description he wrote: The Genius Of The Metropolis is to create a more whole and holistic insight into economics, money and business. It will show you the meaning of spiritual growth as well as our Worldy monetary growth. The wisdom should lay a foundation for economic policy and truth. This book shows wisdom and knowledge through deep insights into the mechanisms of our economy so that we know how it works in the material World and in the spiritual realms. This book allows our society to grow, adapt and prosper in a World that needs logical help to maintain its own financial system through understanding. Everything is connected and the information here summarizes essential facts to create proof and security for our finances and social lives. It uses philosophical ideas based on experience and truth. It is a start of the spiritual initiation to generate a stronger economy and social system for our Metropolis.

The book sells for $31.95 and has an Amazon sales rating close to THREE MILLION (no surprise). It contains 644 pages of impenetratable non-rhyming poems. The book received  two reviews on Amazon. One has four stars, and one has five stars. The five-star review was written by the author. He's not even smart enough to use a fake name.

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  1. Not just pathetic, he's PATHETIC!

    But Outskirts must be very proud.