Thursday, June 10, 2010

Don't waste money or overpay on publishers' promotional packages

"Self-publishing companies" sell relatively few books to readers, so the bulk of their income comes from selling services and trinkets to writers.

Much of what they sell is unnecessary or overpriced, or worth less than they indicate.

One typical example is Infinity Publishing's "Premium Marketing 301," which sells for $275. Shipping is included.

The package includes "10 free copies of your book, 250 postcards, 500 business cards, 125 bookmarks, 10 posters, and two highly acclaimed marketing books: Dan Poynter's The Self Publishing Manual ($19.95 value) and John Kremer's 1001 Ways to Market Your Book ($27.95 value)"

  • Of course, the 10 “free” copies are not really free. Infinity’s normal price for a 300-page 5.5” x 8.5” paperback is $9.15 each for a 10-book total of $91.50. However, since Infinity owns its own printing presses, I’ll value the 10 books at $2.50 each, or $25.
  • 250 postcards can be purchased from VistaPrint for about $20.
  • 500 business cards can be purchased from VistaPrint for about $30.
  • 125 bookmarks can be purchased for about $35 from iPrint.
  • 10 posters will cost you about $100 from El-Co Color Labs.
  • Poynter’s book sells for $13.57 on Amazon (not $19.95)
  • Kremer’s book sells for $18.45 on Amazon (not $27.95)
The total real value of the $275 package is about $242. You will not waste too much money by getting the Infinity package as opposed to buying a la carte from multiple suppliers, and you'll definitely save time. HOWEVER, carefully evaluate what you really need, the productivity of each item, and the ancillary costs.

If you're going to send out 250 postcards, you'll need to spend $70 for stamps, assemble a mailing list, address the cards and apply the stamps. Of course, there's a good chance that most of the postcards will go right into recipients' wastebaskets, or might be used to scoop up crumbs on the kitchen table or to swat flies.

You probably don't need both business cards and bookmarks.

It might be nice to have a giant book cover poster in your house, but unless you're going to be making public appearances, you don't need 10 of them.


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  1. Vistaprint is a winner. Wife and I have ordered from them for years.