Monday, June 21, 2010

Warning about Microsoft Word 2010

I have previously warned about formatting a book on two different computers. Even if you use the same software, variations such as the selection of installed fonts can make unexpected and unwanted changes in the documents.

Here's another warning: Be careful if you start a book in Word 2007, and then switch to the just-released Word 2010.

A book I've been working on got greatly inflated. Most chapters gained an extra page with from one line to a few paragraph. There were also some completely blank pages.

The overall book length grew from 370 pages to 436 pages.

I may use Word 2010 for new projects, but for this book, I'm staying in 2007.

I'll have more to say about Word 2010 in a future blog, but I thought it's important to provide this warning now.

Word pricing is wacky, BTW. You can buy it by itself for $140, or get it as part of an Office suite for $125 (at Amazon). There are no upgrade prices for people who own previous versions. The $125 "Home & Student" version can be installed on three PCs "in the same household" without angering Microsoft -- but you're not supposed to use it for business purposes.

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  1. The problem with such working is that styles and into some extend also formatting is stored not in the file, but in your local copy of MS Word.

    That is why formatting, fonts, etc. are damaged when opened on some other machine.

    The solution is either to use MS Word Web App or e.g. portable.