Friday, May 28, 2010

Really stupid press release from sleazy vanity publisher

Yesterday I told you about the lies, incompetence and wackiness of Schiel & Denver. Two days ago, the company sent out one of the strangest press releases I've ever seen. My comments are in red.

The Millionaires of Self Publishing:, Inc.'s CreateSpace Passes Two Million Title Milestone While Schiel & Denver Surges Into the Lead

HOUSTON, May 26 /PRNewswire/ -- It was the double May shock announcement from CreateSpace and Schiel & Denver that has rocked [The shock that rocked! Wow. I'm excited already.] the book publishing industry to the highest echelons [Probably not.], and caused the CEO of Random House to cancel a lunch meeting on Fifth Avenue. [Does this mean that Herr Markus Dohle ate on Sixth Avenue instead of Fifth, or had some bratwurst und sauerkraut delivered to his office on Broadway?]

CreateSpace, the self-publishing platform of the, Inc companies, last week reported that more than 2 million CDs and DVDs have been launched using the Amazon platform [CDs and DVDs? What the hell does that have to do with the book business?], while Houston-based independent book publishers, Schiel & Denver, a member of the United Nations Global Compact in NYC [Which is vastly superior to the United Nations Global Compact located in Bogalusa, Louisiana.], surged first ahead of rival Author Solutions, Inc. by offering independent authors Apple iPad and iPhone distribution services with S&D's innovative book distribution system. [Hmmm. Author Solutions says its eBooks "can be downloaded to popular devices such as the...Apple iPhone."]

"This milestone of success for CreateSpace demonstrates the significant growth of our business and the on-demand industry," said Dana LoPiccolo-Giles, managing director, CreateSpace. [Why the hell is Schiel & Denver touting CreateSpace's music and movie business? Oh, I get it. Because approximately zero journalists would read a press release about Schiel & Denver.]

While speaking ahead of the Frankfurt Book Fair [WAY ahead. The Frankfurt Book Fair starts more than FOUR MONTHS after the press release went out. Strangely, the press release went out during Book Expo America -- which was not even mentioned in the release.], Jodi Malcolm, Author Services Manager at Schiel & Denver said: "More and more authors are seeing Schiel & Denver as the answer to their prayers. [Do authors pray that they'll find a company to overcharge them?] By combining traditional catalog marketing with a non-exclusive contract and world-class distribution to Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Books-a-million, at an affordable price [Maybe affordable if your last name is Trump. The publishing packages can cost as much as $19,999.], Schiel & Denver is succeeding by offering authors more choice and more control of the book publishing process. [Actually their customers give up a lot of control. They're not even allowed to have 201 words in a book's dedication.]  Best of all, when writers become published authors with Schiel & Denver, they own all the copyright and publishing rights to their book." [Just like other vanity publishers.]

But Ms Malcolm was underplaying Schiel & Denver's recent successes. [Then she should be fired for unnecessary modesty.]  It's no secret that many industry insiders [Many? Name three.] now see Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, which also boasts a thriving UK division, as fast filling the business niche left behind from the closure of's BookSurge earlier in 2010. [BULLSHIT. There was no niche left behind to fill. Amazon merely merged BookSurge with CreateSpace. And it happened in 2009, not 2010.]

As AuthorHouse and iUniverse look to attract new authors, Schiel & Denver is getting their authors on prime-time National TV, like independent novelist and former Oregon county commissioner [Is that better than being mayor of Wasilla, Alaska?], Caroline Miller, author of the bestselling novel Heart Land (2009) [If you buy that book and want to lend it to your mother, you need the publisher's permssion.], doing her third TV slot [This sentence works just fine without the word "slot."] interview this year on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, America's #1 Christian Broadcasters. [Trinity??? B.F.D. It ain't Oprah, or Howard Stern; and Trinity was co-founded by disgraced (sex scandal) televangelist Jim Bakker.]

Schiel & Denver also publishes in diplomatic UN languages, Spanish and French, [If you want to publish in Latin, pick another company.] as an honorary member of the United Nations Global Compact [This is the second time the press release mentions the Global Compact. It must be really important. How come I've never heard of it before now?], and with authors like Professor Ruben Nazario MD, a board-certified pediatrician [It might be more interesting to read about a board-certified peduncle or pederast.] at the University of Kentucky, this feisty publishing company with a smooth Texan style [i.e., lots of typos coupled with strange British jargon.], is now emerging as the premier book publishing company for all US and Canadian authors who want wider distribution and more expert support than either Author Solutions, Inc. or CreateSpace can offer. [Bullshit.]


  1. A read through their website will leave you exhausted at the continued mention of the United Nations Global Compact.

    I've also had several appalling reports about S&D from authors.

  2. Is this company basically taking manuscripts, formatting them, and then publishing them through CreateSpace? Are they charging the authors thousands to do it?

    I don't really understand that press release at all. Is it about S&D, or CreateSpace?

  3. To Christy:

    I don't think they have any connection with CS except through the press release.

    Apparently someone at Schiel & Denver had the brilliant idea that more people would read the release if the CreateSpace name was in it, than if it mentioned only Schiel & Denver.

    The theory is probably accurate, but makes S&D seem like desperate idiots.

    I wonder how the Random House feel sabout being included in the scam. I thinkl I'll ask the Random House PR people.

    A search for CreateSpace in Google News shows the Schiel & Denver press release in the second position -- right after a CS release that includes material that CS copied. I think I'll have some more fun.

  4. Anyone with complaints about suspected rogue pubishers should contact Victoria Strauss at Writers Beware. They have been instrumental in having a number of them closed down and prosecuted. It is crucial that all suspecting authors submit evidence which will over time acrue.