Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pathetic Schiel & Denver plagiarized a competitor's press release to improve online visibility

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On Thursday I told you that "Christ-centered publishing house" Schiel & Denver is dishonest, incompetent and wacky.

On Friday, I showed you a really stupid press release about Schiel & Denver that also includes a lot about competitor Create Space, and even mentions Random House.

A few days earlier people were horrified and amused to learn that Vaughn Ward, a Republican candidate for Congress from Idaho (and a favorite of Moosemama Palin) had ripped off pieces of President Obama's 2004 speech at the Democratic National Convention.

And today I discovered that Schiel & Denver plagiarized a press release distributed by competitor CreateSpace, in a silly effort to gain news coverage for Schiel & Denver.

Apparently someone at Schiel & Denver had the brilliant idea that more people would read the release if the CreateSpace and Random House names were in it, than if it mentioned only Schiel & Denver; and that mentioning the other companies would deliver the release to people doing web searches for the other companies.

It's like the once-common technique of website designers to sprinkle words like "sex," or "tits" in websites about automobile exhaust systems, pizza delivery or copy paper.

The Schiel idea is probably right, but makes S&D seem like desperate idiots.

Internet search engines make it easy for a person or company to "ride the coattails" of a more famous entity. If Arnold Bipp is running for dog catcher supervisor in Burnt Corn, Alabama and sends out a press release  that says he likes Barack Obama but not Sarah Palin, or prefers Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber, or dislikes cunnilingus and Harley-Davidsons...his press release will be available to people searching for those more interesting terms.

A search for CreateSpace in Google News shows the Schiel & Denver press release in the second position -- right after a CS release that includes material that CS copied.

Press releases, like all written works, are copyrighted, but they are expected to be copied without permission -- by members of the media who use them to publicize the company, person, event or topic in the release. I send out releases to publicize my books, and expect my words to be circulated in the media to help me to sell books.

Companies that send out press releases do NOT expect the words to be copied by competitors, who use those words to try to take business away from them.

CreateSpace and Schiel & Denver are very different companies, but they definitely are competitors in the business of publishing books for authors who pay for their services. CS does not work for S&D, and deserves to be pissed off about the plagiarism.

Schiel & Denver brags about its "high ethical and professional standards, [that] embody the character and compassion of Jesus Christ."

I doubt that Jesus would be compassionate about lying and stealing.

And there's something particularly pathetic aboput a publisher engaging in plagiarism.



  1. WWJP?

    Who Would Jesus Plagiarize?

  2. Michael N. Marcus, please don't mention my Lord & Saviour Holy Name in your careless way! Okay?

  3. Dear Anonymous: (1) I may not care about some things, but I am not careless. (2) How does a name become holy. The guy who mows my lawn is named Jesus. Is he holy?