Sunday, May 9, 2010

HELP! I'm stuck between two centuries.

I'm in Florida for a few days, visiting my mother for Mother's (Mothers'?) Day.

I have my iPad with me. I used it on the plane to watch the Sherlock Holmes movie (excellent, BTW) and to show doggie pictures to the little kid across the aisle.

In my mother's house, I used the iPad to read books and watch TV episodes, and show Mom a slide show of old family photos, and podcasts of "Old Jews Telling Jokes." She loved a joke about fellatio, which surprised me. She wasn't my funny parent, or my smutty parent.

Now I typing on my HP laptop with a huge 17-plus-inch screen.

Even though it's less than six months old, it seems absolutely prehistoric.

When I wanted to delete an email, I touched my finger to it, but it didn't move. When I wanted to open a program, I tapped an icon, but nothing happened. When I wanted to move down on a displayed screen, I touched the elevator button, but nothing happened. When I want to move the mouse pointer across the screen, it takes forever.



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