Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cataract surgery, post-op report #1


The people who said cataract removal and artificial lens implanting are no big deal were absolutely right.

Pain was minimal (actually, there was no pain at all). I'm typing just fine. Both eyes still work, and by seven last night my formerly "bad" eye was working better than my "good" eye. I watched TV without glasses for the first time in decades, and had no problem editing a book and watching a movie on my iPad.

The surgery took about 20 minutes. My surgeon Dr. Samuel Sprotzer, anesthesiologist Dr. Kishor Lathi, nurses Mary Ann and Barbara at the Connecticut Eye Surgery Center in Milford were skilled, comforting and in good humor. They do this dozens of times each day and their experience and knowledge made me feel a lot better during my first slicing. The surgery was routine for them, but not for me.

During the procedure I had the impression that Dr. Sprotzer was operating on me with his right hand, and using his left hand to hold my left hand.

Later it became apparent that my hand was being held by one of the ladies. I'm not sure who it was, but it felt good, and I recommend this treatment for others.

I was told that I'll probably need the same work on my right eye "sooner or later." Based on yesterday's experience, I think I'll go for "sooner." It was a lot less painful than having a cavity filled.

There is some glare from bright lights, but that problem is improving by the hour. My only annoyance is having to take 10 eye drops a day, and stay out of the swimming pool for two weeks (I'll probably cheat). I'll also have to get some new eyeglass lenses. I'm not supposed to drive until tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll be able to read the signs a lot better than I could on Tuesday. I also found and fixed a typo I made on this blog yesterday.



  1. An eyepatch would've looked way-cool.

  2. I told you it would be fine.

    But don't cheat about the pool. I'm serious. Any bacteria or chlorine goes into your eye and under that lens you'll be very sorry.

    I'll add this-- the only people that had complications with eye surgery at our office were the ones who didn't listen to the doctor and did crap they weren't supossed to.

    Just listen to the doctor, for God's sake. You'll be able to go into the pool soon enough.

  3. To Christy:

    I met with the doc today. I asked him why I'm not supposed to go in the pool, but there is no restriciton on using the shower or bathtub.

    He said it's OK to sit in the spa or walk around the pool, as long as I don't do any actual swimming or diving.

    He also said that chlorine would help, not hurt. (Not strong chlorine, like in a public pool.)

    We're scheduled to have the pool opened next week, and I'm ready. It's been a looong winter.

  4. Post operative is very important for every patient.Care has to be taken to avoid infections and also strains of the eye.