Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another really stupid lie from Outskirts Press

This book's idiot author says it's hard to read the book.

Brent Sampson, pathetically inept boss of pathetically inept vanity publisher Outskirts Press, is known for both stupid mistakes and deliberate dishonesty.

Here's what was distributed above Brent's name in a press release: "Now publishing a book is easier than reading one..."

Not only is that a ridiculous statement, it also makes Brent seem extra-stupid, because the sentence continues: "...if you happen to be reading Self-Publishing Simplified..."

Brent wrote that book, so he's saying that it's harder to read his book than it is to publish a book.

What a jerk. If he wasn't the boss, he'd be fired.



  1. Hilarious! I went to the "press release", and unceremoniously plastered between the title and the text of it is an ad for "Reputation Management Consultants - We Fight Hard to Keep Your Reputation Clean!"


  2. What an asshole. If Brent was on "Celebrity Apprentice," Donald Trump would fire him in the first round.

  3. How does he stay in business?

    Oh yeah -- his customers are even stupider than he is.