Friday, May 14, 2010

Another publisher goes over to the dark side.

Hay House enters the vanity business, and tells the usual lies.

Don't they know what "free" means?

Following the examples set by Harlequin and Thomas Nelson, Hay House Publishing announced today that it is partnering with vanity behemoth Author Solutions to launch Balboa Press -- "a self-help self-publishing division."

Hay House calls itself "a leading provider in publishing products that specialize in self-help, and the mind, body, and spirit genre."

With the new arrangement, authors with books that are not good enough to get publishing contracts from Hay House, can generate substantial income for both Hay House and Author Solutions. Publishing packages to be offered by Balboa to Hay House rejects are priced from $999 to $7999.

Balboa says it wants "to help people improve their lives and the Earth." But, like the other sleazy businesses operated by Author Solutions, Balboa Press lies about providing self publishing, and free books (that are not really free).

"We receive thousands of manuscripts annually, but we can publish only 100 products a year," said Reid Tracy, Hay House CEO. "Our self-publishing division, Balboa Press, has been formed to allow many more people get their message out. While these books won't be published by Hay House, Balboa Press will be monitored for success, and hopefully we'll find the Hay House authors of the future."

Author Solutions will manage Balboa Press for Hay House, with responsibility for publishing, marketing and book-selling services.

Author Solutions boss Kevin Weiss said, "Hay House has a rich track record of innovation and leadership in the self-help and new thought publishing space. We are pleased to be able to help them expand positive publishing opportunities to more and more authors who want to share their messages of hope and self improvement."

Author Solutions owns formerly competing vanity publishers AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Trafford Publishing, and Xlibris. They may buy money-losing in the next year or so.



  1. If this keeps up, apart from a few companies with big authors writing bestsellers, every other company will be a vanity publisher.

  2. Why even worry about what a publishing house does?

    With new technology (i.e., Kindle, Sony, Nook and other eReaders), authors can now control their own future.

    The authors who self-publish ebooks will be getting 70% of their list price from Amazon. That certainly beats the 7.5% to 15% that authors are now given by publishing houses.

    And what's nice about ebooks, there is no inventory and minimal (think next to nothing) costs.