Sunday, April 11, 2010

VERY silly error

(From the Vantage Press website:)

"Most books, even those by successful authors, will benefit from the perspective of an Xlibris editor, and each Vantage title receives a thorough copy editing."

Why is Vantage Press touting the editing ability of competitor Xlibris?

I hope Vantage Press's authors get a more "thorough copy editing" than the Vantage Press website gets.



  1. Are they affiliated? This is a pretty bad typo! A lot of the vanity publishers are buying each other up, and it seems that they cannot afford to pay exorbitant wages to copyeditors ($9.50 per hour) to write competent web copy.

  2. To Christy:

    They're definitely not affiliated. Xlibris is part of vanity behemoth Author Solutions, and Vantage Press (founded in 1949) is definitely a competitor.

    The Vantage website has some unkind words about Xlibris, and it's possible that the website writer was thinking about Xlibris and accidentally dropped in its name where it didn't belong -- and I was the first to notice.

    BTW, Vantage may be the most honest pay-to-publish company. They say "But, please be realistic: most books by new authors do not sell well, and most authors do not recoup the publishing fee."

  3. Michael - Great catch, many thanks. Our webmaster went through the site last Wednesday to enter some changes - including changing the capitalization of our competitor to "Xlibris" - and obviously got a little overzealous! Would be indebted if you find anything else on the site that doesn't pass editorial muster, or even more seriously if something strikes you as false in tone or promise. You've probably noticed that we link out to your site from our Author Center tab to provide our prospective authors with a reality check. Again, many thanks - David Lamb, President, Vantage Press, Inc. (