Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Publishers Weekly used the "V" word

In the past, Publishers Weekly has called vanity publishers "self-publishing companies" and "subsidy publishers" instead of using the traditional and pejorative term, "vanity publisher" -- possibly to avoid offending advertisers.

In an online article preview shown above, PW used the previously forbidden "V" word.

It was recently announced that PW will be sold to its former publisher George Slowik. It's possible that the use of the "V" word indicates a policy shift to realism and honesty. OTOH, maybe it's just an accidental breach of PW policy that won't happen again.

Unfortunately, trade publications are often whores.

Writers Digest carries lots of advertising from vanity publishers including incompetent and dishonest Outskirts Press. Outskirts is both a major advertiser and a WD contest sponsor. WD calls Outskirts and its competitors "self-publishing companies." They're not. WD won't risk offending advertisers by using the "V" word -- even if the publication misleads its readers.


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