Monday, April 5, 2010

Missed opportunity to publish?
A message I won't reply to

Hello all! we am a owners as well as CEO of Durant Literary Agency.We have been actively looking latest submissions from all genres. Please hit me to sense how to contention your work for review.


From the agency's website (or maybe the next Star Wars movie):

Congratulations to Larisa Hunter aka Mist for the sale of her book, FULLTRÚI: Working With Patron Gods & Goddess In the Ásatrú Pantheon, to the Megalithica Imprint of Immanion Press!

Bio: Larisa Hunter aka Mist is a practicing Ásatrú-ar living in Kitchener, Ontario. As the current Gyðja and founder of Kenaz Kindred, she has devoted her time to educating the community about the path of Ásatrú for the last 5 years, prior to that she ran an eclectic heathen group and has dedicated her life to the pursuit of knowledge, mythology, and lore.

She has extensive experience with divination, specializing in Runic Divination. She has previous experience with Tarot as well, but has spent the last six years specializing in studying and practicing runic divination methods. She also teaches an extensive course on runes and provides both public and private rune readings to a diverse client base. Mist has presented at multiple festivals (Wic-Can Fest, Harvest Fest, Midgard, KW Pride Day, Spirits of the Earth as well as smaller presentations at the: KW Temple and local community groups (Guelph Pagan Society, The Circle). She also runs Kenaz Kindred, an Ásatrú kindred located in her home town.

She has recently been published in: Pagan Poems (published by Crow Eagle Press), Cultural Appropriation in the Neo-Pagan Community (published by Imannion Press) and self published: Giants, Not The Enemy(see website).

Book: In her most recent work, FULLTRÚI, Working With Patron Gods & Goddess In the Ásatrú Pantheon, Mist delves into the controversial topic of taking patron gods. The concept of a 'fully trusted' god or goddess has almost disappeared, but thanks to the modern revival of heathenry, the concept of working closely with a patron god is slowly returning. Mist provides both historical references as well as modern day research to show how the concept was and is still relevant. The book contains articles written by people living with patron gods, as well as meditations, devotional poetry and more.


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