Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After two weeks, what I like and don't like about the iPad

I'll take care of the don't-likes first because there are so few of them. None of these are sufficient reasons not to have an iPad.

  1. There should be stereo sound without using headphones.
  2. The sound without using headphones should be LOUDER.
  3. eNewspapers don't come in plastic bags that can be used to pick up dog crap.
  4. 4.  I have to finish watching a movie rented from iTunes within 24 hours of starting to watch it. Movies should be fun, not an obligation. Yesterday morning I started watching the fantastic 157-minute "American Gangster" and paused it after 45 minutes. I resumed watching this morning, paused it after 60 minutes to answer the phone, and learned I'd have to pay $2.99 to finish the movie. This is not caused by the iPad, but the iPad revealed the problem.

Now for the do-likes:

  1. It's MUCH MORE than an eBook reader
  2. The screen is in color, unlike Kindle, etc.
  3. The screen is beautifully bright and sharp -- much better for viewing photographs than the electronic photo frames I've seen
  4. The screen is big
  5. There is no space wasted on a physical keyboard that is seldom needed, as with the Kindle
  6. The overall size is right
  7. It's easy to use, with seldom any need to check the instructions
  8. Very easy to load photos, music, videos and documents from my PCs
  9. Very fast downloads from web, via wi-fi
  10. Works fine with G-mail
  11. Slide shows with music
  12. Apple's Safari web browser works fine -- I don't miss IE
  13. BestBuy gave me 18 months to pay with no interest
  14. Virtual keyboard is well designed, and very smart
  15. Pre-made links for Youtube, iTunes, App Store
  16. Easy to view from the side so several people can see what's on the screen
  17. Super-fast downloads of eBooks
  18. Cool display of books on shelf, which rotates (like entrance to secret passage) to access Apple's bookstore
  19. Contact manager address book (which can pick up photos already stored)
  20. Amazing maps
  21. Appointment book ("calendar")
  22. Newspapers and magazines look great
  23. eBooks show photos better than pBooks
  24. Pages don't stick together
  25. No globs of glue or smudged ink
  26. Infinitely rotatable
  27. Ability to enlarge text for easier reading
  28. Hyperlinks in magazines, books and newspapers
  29. Fits nicely between my pillow and headboard for in-bed belly-down reading and movies
  30. Unlike pBooks, pMagazines, and pNewspapers, it doesn't get damaged by doggie drool or orange juice
  31. Magazine and book covers can't get wrinkled and pages can't fall out or get torn
  32. eNewspapers and eMagazines are not stuffed with annoying coupons
  33. Newspapers and magazines arrive without my having to go outside to get them in bad weather
  34. Old newspapers and magazines don't have to go into blue recycling bin and schlepped outside in bad weather
  35. I've had it for 15 days and it's not obsolete yet
  36. Long battery life
  37. Free samples of eBooks can be quickly converted into paid-for complete books
  38. My sister is getting my netbook, which I no longer need
  39. iPad is a great geek-chick magnet
  40. My wife doesn't complain about the money spent on it
  1. USB port
  2. Memory card slot
  3. Compatibility with Adobe's Flash
  4. More colorful "home" button
  5. Ability to see screen in bright sunlight
  6. A bit less weight for extended hand-holding



  1. How does your wife feel about you using the iPad as a magnet to attract geek-chicks?

  2. I second Sandra's comment. I think you are just using your iPad as a deliberate ploy to attract geeky chicks. I'm callin' the wife, Michael.

    But seriously. No USB port? That's shitty. I have 4 USB ports in my laptop, and there's never enough. I have an expander with 5 more USB ports attached.

  3. might like to have: drawing/writing capability like Intel's ClassmatePC tablet. bigger HD and software from developers other than Apple (like Adobe). I would like to be able to edit my web sites with this.