Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why can't CreateSpace tell the truth?

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I recently ordered some book proofs from CreateSpace. I expected them to be shippd via Express Mail, for next-day delivery.

On 3/16 I received a message saying that the books were shipped. I expected to receive them on 3/17. By 3/19 they had not arrived and I contacted customer support. I was told that the proofs were actually sent via UPS "second day" and were shipped a day later than I was told.

  • What's the point of lying when it's so easy for people to find out that you're lying?
  • Why do computers lie? Are they learning from their human masters?


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  1. CreateSpace is notoriously bad with their shipping and shipping policies. I get a lot of damaged books, too. This time, I just send a photo of the book with a rip in it, and they told me they would ship a replacement.

    I never pay for expedited shipping with CreateSpace. It's a complete rip-off, especially when they could just be using Priority Mail flat-rate boxes for the majority of the shipments (they don't), and therefore save their authors a ton of cash.

    But they're dumb, so they won't.

    But they're still the cheapest gas station in town, so I'm still going there to fill up my tank.