Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Outskirts Press made a few improvements
-- but is still stupid!

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Outskirts Press is a frequently incompetent and dishonest vanity publisher. The company does so many things so badly that it frequently makes me scream and laugh.

The company uses freebie services to distribute press releases for the books it publishes. The authors pay for the press releases, but Outskirts does not. Since Outskirts does not pay to spread the news, the news distribution services surround the releases with ads for competitors of Outskirts, and even for bargain software and medication.

Outskirts uses a template for quick production of its releases, and little bits of stupidity remain year after year.

No one at Outskirts will respond to my emails, but, as demonstrated by the press release above, it seems that someone at Outskirts has been reading this blog, and has made an effort to fix some of the worst offenses.

  • This book is described as a "5 x 8, 382 page paperback." In the calorie-filled bad old days, it would have been  "5 x 8 paperback cream." HURRAY!
  • The book is described as "the author’s most recent book." In the redundant bad old days, it would have been  "the author's most recent book to date." WHOOPIE!
Unfortunately, as usual, the release is awkwardly written ("many generations removed," and "The premonition pertains to") and is filled with Outskirts' traditional cliches ("being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets" and "meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets.") There are fundamental editing errors such as spelling out ten, eleven and fourteen instead of using 10, 11 and 14.

  • And, of course, there is one really stupid mistake. The website for Outskirts is shown as outskirtspress.ciom  (In other releases, Outskirts spelled its own name wrong.)
  • And another stupid mistake. The release talks about "Zoey L Mar." It should be "La Mar."
  • It's also probably really stupid to put a $27.95 price on a book for beginning readers. Very few adult books are priced that high. I don't think I'd trust a five-year-old with  a $27.95 book. Would you?
  • The Outskirts web page about the book and its author has one of the worst sentences ever written in English: "It is from this background and education that his inspiration to write comes."
  • The author is not ready for prime time. He wrote, "She snickered at the horror being subjected." The main character hugged herself twice in three successive paragraphs. Either the author would not pay for editing, or the Outskirts editor sucks.
  • It's time to go puke.

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  1. It Outskirts press can't get its own web address right, and fucks up the name of the main character in a book, there is NO HOPE for Outskirts.

    They deserve to go out of busienss.