Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh goody! Another incompetent vanity press has been born.

Vanity publishers love to pose as "self-publishing companies." It's the scam du jour.

I just received a press release from the newest entry in the field, Esquire Publications. I assume it won't be long before the company is sued by Hearst Communications, the publisher of Esquire magazine, for trademark violation.

The new company announced itself to the world with a press release. Like its older inept competitor Outskirts Press, Esquire chose to use PR Log, a freebie news distribution service, instead of a paid-for service.

Since Esquire did not pay PR Log to make the announcement, PR Log has to make money somehow.

They make money by carrying ads FOR COMPETITORS of Esquire, including vanity publishers PublishAmerica, Outskirts Press, iUniverse and Dorrance.

The Esquire boss is Elva Elizabeth Thompson.

  • Her website says she was: >>given the name "Precious Love" and at times, "Quiet Storm" for her well known "straight to the point" spoken word. Ms. Love has been writing since the tender age of 15, but made her first debut on the stage of her own former spoken word venue called Love Jones Poetry in 2003. Besides being a spoken word artist, she is also a published author of 5 non-fiction novels, currently working on a 6th. Books are available at, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Borders. Precious Love is the Founder of nonprofit organization Precious Hearts Foundation, that aids men, women, and children victims of domestic abuse and resides in Georgia and along the waves of Florida in the summertime as a small business owner since 1997 as an Editor of her own editorial service, owner of Esquire Publications, and VP of Operations for GSH Publishing.<<
Elva claims that GSH Publishing is "The Most Trusted Name In Publishing."

I don't know who did the research, but apparently that claim is not enough to bring in the big bucks. So, like Harlequin and Thomas Nelson, GSH has decided to get into vanity publishing.

Although she operates an editing service and has written several books, Elva is a terrible writer and editor.
  • Elva's Esquire Publications website is filled with errors. Examples: "At Esquire Publications, our goal is to assist authors self publish their title(s) whether you are writing mystery, nonfiction, fiction, christian, childrens, poetry or any other genre, we can help you reach your goal." and "Esquire Publications believe..." and "Our team of professionals are..." 
  • Her GSH Publishing website is over-animated and has bad writing and non-functioning links. The company seems to specialize in black chick-lit. One featured author is George Sherman Hudson. His initials apparently provided the name for the company.
  • Her Georgia Editing Service website says, "Elva "Precious Love" Thompson is the owner of Georgia Editing Service, LLC, a Florida-based editorial service for 12 years in counting, originally birthed in Atlanta, GA, as well as a published author of several non-fiction novels. She is a 20-year veteran of the writing era economy, started out with spoken word / poetry that later ventured into short stories and blossomed into biographies and autobiographies for herself, as well as others. [Time  Out. I have to go puke. I'll be back after I mop up.]
  • Her Precious Hearts Foundation website shows a copyright date of 2012. maybe Elva has a time machine.
  • That site describes her as a "mid-Eastern Pennsylvania native and past victim and survivor of domestic abuse of 15 years duration is a divorced mother of 5 that range in the ages of 6-year-old twins to age 22." I'm sorry about the abuse, but what the hell is a "mid-Eastern Pennsylvania native?" Was she born in Allentown or Cairo? Elva claims "she holds a Bachelor's Degree in English and an Associates
    Degree in Medical Editing." Maybe she bought the diplomas online.
  • The press release has bad grammar.
The press release says, "Self publishing services from Esquire Publications starts [sic] with the basic package priced at only $999. Valued at more than $1250..."  Who established the valuation?

The $999 package provides "complementary paperback copies of the book." Sorry, Elva, but if a writer has to pay $999, the books are NOT complementary.

The press release also says, “Poetry is growing in popularity as people use it often as an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings.”  It seems to me that's why people wrote poetry 2500 years ago.



  1. I had a run in with Elva Thompson and let me tell you, I would not pay her a dollar to publish my books! She has to be one of the most un-professional women I have ever met. I purchased a book she edited and my five year old son could do better. She is no longer associated with GSH Publishing, in fact she was terminated. She was responsible for GSH Publishing's website and yes it is tacky. What do you expect? Look at hers!

  2. Well I don't know about anybody else but i looked up both companies owners and I found out the owner of GSH Publishing is currently in prison serving a life sentence. I looked up ga department of corrections and put in his name. How is he running a publishing company from behind bars isn't that illegal? since when do inmates get businesses? I'm glad I didn't go with them sounds like trouble to me. If i were any of his authors I would be concerned.

  3. Hi I am a self published author of urban fict. and i was told about GSh publishing by one of my friends. My wife looked up the owner and found ga deptm. correct. George Hudson or George Sherman -i think his initials is the company name or something and this guy is serving a life sentence in Georgia. How is it that the address is in Alabama? People is this where our tax money is going? What's really going on? You can really run a business from jail really? i must be doing it all wrong. Research companies backgrounds before giving your personal information!

  4. I heard through a few authors about a publishing company that used to be GSH is now Gstreetpublishing who is th same guy as ghs publishng in Alabama. looks like a ghetto replica of the same company or should i say urban to be politicaly correct. This guy is still in prison how is this America? are we running busineses from prison now? Im with you KenDub130 and your're right SarahL check out companies before you give out personal info about yurself! Authors beware!

  5. I also had an experience with GSH Publishing/ G Street Chronicles and it was an enjoyment for me. I have read all of the books and l loved them all. I read all of the comments on this page and felt as though they were ignorant. Especially the comment referring to our tax dollars and his company being a "ghetto replica". I feel as though you all are judging a book by its cover because of his situation, which he never hid.I admire what George has accomplished. If he can do this from where he is just imagine what he is going to do when he is not there.

  6. I recently read a article about the owner of G Street Chronicles. The brother is highly intelligent and quite a businessman. I applaud his fiancée for stepping up and handling the business while he away. I admire the ambition and work ethic of this brother. It doesn't matter that he's incarcerated as long as he fill orders, pay his taxes and keep putting out good books he got my vote. Millionaires that's been caught up in the loop have been running companies from prison for years it legal people! Let's stop bashing our brothers and inspire one another!

  7. To Anonymous:

    I can see why you don't want to reveal your name.

    Based on your terrible writing, it looks like you quit school after third grade. You should not be putting words in a public place until you get some intensive tutoring.

    You are certainly not going to inspire any of the brothers--or others.

  8. I thought previous post and articles stated that Elva Thompson was helping him with the company. Is she the fiancee'? I'm not going to applaud a man who got lucky enough to get a woman to run his business while he sat in prison. What has he done for our society? Why is he in prison? People want to make this man some kind of ghetto hero when it sounds like he is nothing more than a con artist. Does his authors know he is in prison? Has anyone spoken to him? His authors? Does the department of corrections even know he's running a business from behind bars? How does he communicate?

  9. Anonymous you hit the nail on the head with your post. Also why is Lashawn going after you like it is something personal between the both of you? You just stated your opinion. Thomas there has been plenty of articles done on the owner of G Street Chronicles where he talked about him being incarcerated so I would bet money that his authors know he is incarcerated. In an article that I read he stated that his fiance's name is Erica, who is part owner, and handles the day to day dealings for the business. Why are we focusing on the past of the owner anyway? Read one of his books or one of his author's books. Our judgement should come from the quality of there work not the mistakes they have made. We have all made mistakes. Let's start uplifting our people instead of putting them down. We have had enough of that.

  10. To Anonymous #2:

    Your writing is just as bad as Anonymous #1.

    It might be good enough for scrawling graffiti on restroom walls, but not for a public blog that discusses writing and publishing.

    If you two have diplomas from high schools in the USA, you should return them. Go back to first grade and start all over again. This time, please pay attention to the teachers.

    If you want to "start uplifting our people," you can start by uplifting your own language with proper spelling and grammar.

    This is 2010. There is a black family living in the White House. We are not picking cotton on the plantation. Slave talk is for losers.

  11. Esquire Publishing is an embarrassment to the book industry. Elva posts on PeoplePerHour for 'tests' to be done, for their team of professionals to evaluate if your skills are good enough for future projects. These 'tests' are actually full books, that she gets typeset for nothing and saves that cost. There is no team, those listed on the website are freelances that have produced work for her, and probably never got paid. At the moment there is a posting from her, enlarge these two logos to 72 inches (her two businesses) and if you do a good job you will then be a member of our team. A scam artist, illiterate, and no shame. Avoid like the plague.

  12. I am one of the authors tricked by this scam. I sold tens of thousands of books but they refuse to pay me.

  13. Dear Graham,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience with Esquire Publications. Esquire Publications has built a dedicated team of editors, typesetters, graphic designers and more, which guarantees each of our authors receive top priority service.

    Here at Esquire Publications, all of our candidates go through a thorough hiring process, which require tests to be taken to ensure quality. Every candidate that test are not guaranteed a salaried position, however, we do encourage you to reapply if not chosen.

    If you would like to reapply with Esquire Publications, visit or send your resume via email:

    I hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions.

  14. Dear Anonymous,

    I am sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with Esquire Publications. Our support team would be glad to assist you with any problems you may have experienced.

    Esquire Publications is a nontraditional publishing company. All of our authors receive royalties on a biannual basis according to that authors marketing techniques. If no marketing has been administered per the author, which leads to lack of sales, and in turn, leads to non disbursement of royalties. Esquire Publications does not withhold any authors rightful royalties.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Esquire Publications with your contact information and book title via email to:

  15. I edited a 595-page e-book for Esquire Publications. I submitted the completed document to the publisher on June 1. I have not been paid for my editing yet.