Monday, March 29, 2010

It's nice to find a computer with a sense of humor

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In the past I've criticized incompetent and untruthful vanity publisher Outskirts Press for using free press release distribution services which publish ads for competing companies right next to the Outskirts news.

The ads are distributed by Google's computers, and they show up on web pages that have "key words" selected by the advertisers. Outskirts itself uses the system for some of its advertising.

I've just published a book that criticizes Outskirts Press. I'm using a mix of paid and freebie news distribution services.

Outskirts Press is paying to put an ad on a press release web page with a headline that says that the company is inept and dishonest.

I love this stuff!


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  1. Google "Outskirts Press", and the auto-completion suggests "complaints" and "scam" before "Inc.". Keep up the great work as the thorn in the side of scam publishers - although I'm certain Outskirts has not idea what a thorn or a side is.