Monday, March 8, 2010

Is this the only news medium that pays attention to Outskirts Press press releases?

Yesterday I showed you a crappy press release distributed by Outskirts Press to promote Final Outcome, an overpriced horror debut novel by James McPike.

As usual, Outskirts distributed the "news" via freebie PR services that display ads for competing publishers. And if a member of the media is motivated to request more information -- which could help Outskirts -- there is no way to request it.

The Outskirts publicity efforts are both inept and ineffectual. This release was distributed on 2/28. Google shows just three links to it.
  • Two are on the freebie press release websites that "distribute" the news.
  • It was picked by exactly ONE news medium -- this blog.

For comparison, I paid about $300 to publicize one of my books, and it has about 18,500 Google links.

Another book of mine that also got a $300 PR launch has about 33,600 Google links.

And another book of mine has nearly 5,000 Google links. It won't be sold until next month and I haven't sent out a press release yet.

Only an ignorant starry-eyed author would trust Outskirts Press to publicize a book.


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