Saturday, March 13, 2010

Irony: this time Outskirts Press wasn't stupid
-- it just seems stupid.

(Left-click on image to enlarge it so you can see it better.)

Vanity publisher Outskirts Press makes a lot of mistakes in publishing and publicizing books, and also in publicizing itself. Rather than use a paid-for news distribution company, Outskirts uses services which display ads for competitors along with the Outskirts press release.

I am on the Outskirts email list and often receive messages that try to convince me to let them publish my books. (HAH!) Most of the emails are signed by people who work for Outskirts, but I just received an email from an apparently happy Outskirts author.

I'm not unhappy that she's happy (but I know she could have made more money by being a real self-publisher), and I don't know if Outskirts did a good job on her books or botched them.

I received her Outskirts ass-kissing at my Gmail account. Gmail is a free service that derives revenue by displaying ads that are automatically triggered by email content.

In this case, while reading a glowing testimony about Outskirts Press, I was also exposed to ads and links for eight competitors which want me to ignore what I was reading about Outskirts and pick another publisher!

I know that Outskirts can't control this, and I would not see the ads if I used my regular email address -- but it's really funny to see a company that stupidly uses free press release services get kicked in the ass by a free email service.


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