Monday, February 22, 2010

Well. it kind of looks like English.
But on the other hand...


Get Paid to Read Books

Do you read? There's nothing more relaxing for you than curling under a blanket with a good book? How would you feel much better to read the book if you knew when it was finished, he wanted to pay? That's right you read that right.

We are publishers of books with so overcome that normal, ordinary people pay to read and then write a report on them. The editor went over your report and read it. If youas the book will take a second look from them. If you do not like when nine out of ten cases, will be re-sent with the cancellation.

They have a passion for reading, anything is possible before the one-sidedness? Even if not for the category of writing you can still solve the good of the bad power supply? If you think this would work well for you, it's time for publishers to contact. Call around, or e-mail every company that can find and then ask ifthere are jobs for pre-readers. If they say yes, she says, are very concerned and want to start immediately

While I can not say with certainty how much money you think, and I can tell you that there is sufficient, should be to give your daily work. Along with the money well, you can also pride when an author you like to be published.


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