Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shouldn't an American publisher understand the English language?

The ads for vanity press AuthorHouse (part of the vanity colossus Author Solutions) show how stupid its employees are, and how stupid it assumes its prospective customers are.

The person who writes advertising for AuthorHouse doesn't understand the English language.

The first two sentences in #1 above say, "You set your self-publishing goals. As your book publisher..."

If AuthorHouse is the publisher, there is no self-publishing going on!

The second segment says, "Thinking of self publishing your book" and "Get published for just $399.

If someone is self-publishing, she or he does not get published -- she or he publishes!

In the third segment we are informed that AuthorHouse is "the leading self-publishing company in the world."

That's an interesting claim, and an impossible, illogical claim. AuthorHouse is not a self-publishing company, leading or otherwise. Except for a small book business set up by a self-publishing author, there is no such thing as a self-publishing company. No company can self-publish an author. Only the author can self-publish the author.

The AuthorHouse website offers "free" books with various publishing packages. As shown above, you can get 60 "free" books with their Pinnacle package. However, those 60 books are free only if the author/customer/victim ignores the $1,999 that must be paid to get the "free books."

Doesn't anyone at AuthorHouse know what "free" means? It's not a very complicated word. If the books are really free, you shouldn't have to pay nearly two thousand bucks to get them. Even if you pay a penny and not thousands of dollars, the books are not free.


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