Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our first Sid Caesar Doubletalk Award goes to

Sid Caesar is an hysterically funny comedy writer and actor who was born in 1922. Sid was an important part of the Golden Age of television in the 1950s who starred in Your Show of Shows and Caesar's Hour. Those of you who missed the 1950s, may have seen Sid play Coach Calhoun in Grease and Grease 2.

Sid has an amazing ability to mimic the rhythms and accents of foreign languages. He can spout streams of syllables that sound like sentences in French, German, Spanish, Polish, etc. -- but in reality he makes up the "words" on the spot, and what he says is nonsense.

This blog has previously established the Borat Akademi of English Writteningistics to honor (?) people who do a particularly bad job of writing in English. Our new award, named to honor the greatest doubletalker of all time, will be given to writers, blogs and print publications that put words together in sequences that looks like English, but make little or no sense.

Our first winner is a blog called More Books Reviews (not More Book Reviews). The blog operator has a strange plural fetish that forces him or her to overuse the letter "s." Sections of the blog include the "Books Shop" and "Books Store." I'm not sure of the reason to have both a shop and a store, but this way there are more of the beloved "esses."

The "About:" section tells us that the blog contains "Infos about book reviews covering almost everything - history, literature, popular science, computing, sf + fantasy, biology, historical fiction, anthropology, politics." Learn about techniques about writing a book, ebooks and articles to publish in internet.

What follows is a posting that tries to provide information about copyrights:

Copyright may be a legal fiction designed to protect the works of artists, inventors and innovators. In essence, it is a legal bar, allowing exclusivity for those who produce works in the form of an intangible asset that can be sold or relinquished, and that expires upon a certain amount of time. With the expansion of the net, and also the creation of additional and a lot of content, the question of copyright is becoming increasingly additional relevant, and one that additional and a lot of webmasters are considering to protect their own interests. Additionally, with the increase of the freelancer market, the problem of copyright is changing into a heated topic of dialogue for both buyers and sellers at each stage in the assembly chain, and the effects of not having the relevant rights might be probably catastrophic. In this text, we have a tendency to'll have a look at what exactly copyright is, and how it relates to the web in content creation.

Copyright is a synthetic concept that provides the creator of a piece, or the person he sells the right to, the legal right to use or modify in whole or in part, and to decision their own. It's a different that means in most jurisdictions, however the fundamental principle is the identical: the creator owns the first copyright to the work in query, and has the liberty to pass this on at can, usually in consideration for money. Where a creator is operating on commission, copyright is intended to act as a lien in his favour, meaning that if he creates and passes on but does not receive payment, he will withhold copyright and sue for breach where applicable. Of course, he would conjointly have remedies underneath the normal law of contract, but the grasp of copyright may be a terribly powerful tool, which can even be used against the third party buyer from the initial commissioner.

Copyright is designed as a tool to hide what's known as intellectual property. Committing intellectual thoughts and ideas to paper, or creating them tangible is usually sufficient to give rise to the copyright protection, that usually lasts for a range of decades in preventing others from steeling ideas. This is often primarily designed to encourage forward thinking and art, and will be a very important tool in protecting the monetary interests of those accountable for some of the world's most very important progressions. Think about the inventors of the seatbelt, Volvo. Volvo might have used their copyright to prevent other makers from installing seat belts, and this would are sufficient to shield any alternative manufacturer from doing so. Of course they waived their rights for the security of the general public, that is additionally a attainable consideration for the creator of one thing new and innovative.
[A seatbelt would have a patent, not a copyright, you fucking idiot!]

Copyright is an exhaustible right, and it typically expires on a given date, once which all works enter the public domain. This means that people who create new product have sufficient time to capitalise on their idea before the globe at large can join in. Sadly for many musicians, this implies their inventive works can not create them cash specifically, and can be used royalty free; a truth that has caused a lot of uproar and unrest in recent years.

Copyright could be a dynamic area of the law, and is significantly relevant to the internet. As additional and more content of more and a lot of varieties is made on-line, there comes a would like to search out protection in copyright law to stop unscrupulous parties from using content without authorisation. In combating this, a variety of international legal organisations have been established with a read to tackling copyright violation, and serving to those without legal support to fight cases for the protection of their work. It's undoubtedly an area of law that's on the ascendancy, as lawyers worldwide strive to search out a cohesive structure to on-line intellectual property law, and therefore the protections on-line authors ought to be afforded for creating their works. A minimum of inside national boundaries, it's highly potential to rely on copyright laws to guard and govern material.

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Related Reading: [The recommended "related reading" is not related, and you can't read it. It's a 30-minute film titled Mezzogiorno - Vesuvio's shadow: Roman ruins and a Swedish doctor.]


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