Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lying hypocrite Michael Hyatt can't block the truth. Here it is.

Michael Hyatt is the CEO of Thomas Nelson, a "Christian" publisher which now provides vanity publishing services through its WestBow Press operation, a co-venture with vanity behemoth AuthorSolutions.

Hyatt operates a blog,, which deals with publishing, politics, morality, leadership, religion and other topics.

Like most blogs, Hyatt's is set up to allow comments from readers -- but not all readers. And not from me.

Hyatt, like "Tricky Dicky" Nixon, maintains an enemies list. If someone has previously pissed off Hyatt, any comment from that person, even a neutral or complimentary comment, is blocked instantly, without any human review.

A couple of minutes ago, I attempted to post the following: "Very interesting. Thank you." A split-second after I clicked to submit my comment, my screen showed, "This comment has been deleted by the administrator."

The same thing happened after I tried to submit the innocuous text: "test."

The alleged "administrator" is not a person. It's a computer set up to reject any words from people who have previously disagreed with the omnipotent holier-than-thou Hyatt. The system doesn't get fooled by name changes. It will reject an enemy based on the IP address of the computer the comment was sent from.

However, the system can get fooled, since it identifies people based on their IP address. If one person pisses off the mighty Hyatt while using a public computer, in a library, for example; someone else who loves Hyatt will be prevented from posting a compliment from the same computer.

Hyatt's WestBow business, like most vanity publishers, lies about providing self-publishing services, and lies about providing "free" books to its authors.

Liar Hyatt says, "You may disagree with me. I welcome debate."

That's bullshit. Hyatt does not permit debate or disagreement about his business practices, or embarassing questions.

He also says, "I reserve the right to delete comments that are snarky, offensive, or off-topic."

I once questioned the Westbow promise of "free books" that are free only if an author ignores the payment of up to $6,499 required before receiving those books.

Apparently my question branded me as an offensive snark, and I was banned for life -- or at least until I log on from a PC with a different IP address.

Hyatt wrote: "The most important thing you can do as a leader is to keep your heart open.  When your heart is closed: You are distant and aloof. You don’t connect to people. Communication shuts down. People feel oppressed."

Hyatt is a paranoid hypocritical egomaniac who does NOT practice what he preaches. That's inappropriate behavior for a "Christian" publisher and deacon at St. Ignatius Orthodox Church and chairman of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.



  1. Hyatt deserves the same fate as St. Ignatius of Antioch -- to be ripped apart and eaten by hungry lions.

    However, I doubt that Hyatt will qualify for sainthood. It's more likely that he will roast in hell.

  2. Why do you care? This seems to be personally important to you, and it's not clear what's motivating that.

  3. lol!!! This is so funny! You have nothing better to do with your life than to try to destroy and slander another person?? Come on man! If you were rude on my blog I would ban you too! You will probably even delete my comment! What a sad sad post. Not sad for Michael Hyatt, but sad for you because you have let someone else breed so much bitterness in your life. Get over it. Do not allow another mans mistake to make you look so bad.Instead post something about how you would do it differently from what He did without mentioning any names. It is not worth it.

  4. Ha! My comment will be visible after "blog owner approval". Seriously?

  5. Lee, you're wrong. I approved your message, but I don't approve of Hyatt. He reminds me of Jim Jones. Be careful if he offers you Kool-Aid to drink. Hyatt is a hypocrite and a liar. You sycophantic disciples should find someone who is more worthy of your blind adoration and devotion. I certainly have no bitterness because of Hyatt -- I find him amusing. But I do feel sorry for his victims. Also, if you really think I have slandered Hyatt, pls try to have me arrested for my crime.

  6. Lee, I see you are a student at Jerry Falwell University (a.k.a. The Institute of Tunnel Vision). If you studied at a real college, maybe you'd be better equipped to detect charlatans like Hyatt.

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