Friday, February 26, 2010

Another person who can't write tries to advise writers


How easy Start Your Own Self Publishing Company

Most writers dream of becoming a published author, work from anywhere in the world, write a book for the knowledge that each of them published and sold throughout the world.

And now, thanks to modern technology and the Internet, it is possible that this dream becomes a reality.

But why stop publishing itself, why not go and start your large publishing house?

In order to start their own company does not cost much money andProfits may be high. You do not need something too expensive, such as self-publishing software, or purchase of equipment, so that costs are low.

As a self-publisher with her own company, you can write and publish, hold all the books for years to come and get all the profits instead of miserly 8-10% that other writers.

This means that with Print On Demand, you do not need to print large and expensive, running. In reality, there needs to be printed, because it can be run on all your booksare printed as ordered (On Demand), if a library or an order issued to the customer.

You can also use the Internet to promote your book for free on websites, blogs, classifieds, forums, ezines and interviews. And the best part of using the Internet to promote the book means that marketing is becoming increasingly global.

And if you wanted, you could use your publisher to publish other books of the author.

And books do not earn money only once.To receive the money over and over again from the book itself.

So if you know how easy it is to publish your books, you can be appointed Chief Executive Officer to build your own publishing house.


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