Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another award-winner from the Borat Akademi of English Writteningistics:

If you can't write, you can advise writers

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How to publish a book for free

And 'the dream of every writer, a published author, to sit down and write books and publish and sell around the world. How great would be able to write books that you know, and everyone wants to be published?

One can imagine that?

If you want to write and publish pounds for a life that could work from anywhere in the world. You could sit by a pool and hide, write, or sit on a warm tropical beach or in a log cabin covered with snow, whileMigrating from a great book after another, knowing that each of them will be published.

How great would that life is?

Now you can now stop dreaming and make your life as a successful author in reality. And if you think that they can not afford to publish all your books, then you are wrong. Because it is now possible to write and publish all the books for free.

So if you are a book, edited and written evidence they have read the manuscript, then it's time to turn the publication into aBook. And there are several ways that you should do. The easiest way is to sell your eBook (an eBook) for immediate download via the Internet.

If you already have a web page, you can sell your book from there by creating a sales page and thank you "page that contains the instructions for download. You can then set the payment process, with a online payment companies like PayPal.

PayPal allows you to set up an account with them for free. Through thisAccount, you can purchase a 'link' payment, which is just copy and your sales page. Once a customer makes a purchase are also on your thank you 'addressed-you "page where you can download the your book.

If you do not have a website, you can sign up for a blog and sell your book from there as well. Or if you are not so adept at creating web pages, not sold on a website or blog to all your book.

It is possible an ebook onlineMobipocket companies with names you will provide with free software so that you can upload your book file to their website. You can then choose your own price and description of the book, etc., and Mobipocket will not sell your book for you, and a share of each sale.

MobiPocket is owned by, so if you are a publisher agreement with Mobipocket, your book for instant download through the Amazon is also available as well as over 100 other online eBookstores.

And if you want your book in print available, you can use POD is a free online publisher, a printed copy of your book on-demand sales of its website and will also cover you in the design of a free book. Everything that is sold in exchange for a percentage of each book.

So, if your book for free, try these simple ways, and you can easily get your book published in a single afternoon, and as an eBook and printedBook. And then it's time to start writing your next book, and the next and the next …


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