Thursday, January 28, 2010

Suffering from ED?

Outskirts idiots misspell their own name again.

On January 6 I showed you a press release from inept vanity publisher Outskirts Press that left the S off Outskirts.

They did it again on January 26, but this time they misspelled "Outskirts" TWICE in one paragraph.

Is Outskirts Press suffering from Performance Anxiety, or Editorial Dysfunction?

Are the highly touted Outskirts Press "infrastructure of talented publishing artisans" and "veritable army of publishing professionals"  nervous and getting sloppier just because they know they're being watched?

If the company's talented infrastructure and veritable army (and a boss and boss's wife who majored in English in college) didn't notice that the last letter of their company name was missing at least THREE TIMES in press releases, what are the chances of them publishing a proper book?

There's probably no chance at all.
In his own book, Outskirts Press founder Brent Sampson wrote that Roget's Thesaurus was published by Peter Mark (actually, Peter Roget published it), confused a foreword with a preface, and misspelled "offset." Brent advises potential authors that "Errors in your writing cause readers to question your credibility."

He's absolutely right about that.

In his blog, Brent recently said, "This allows me an opportunity to stress the importance of professional copyediting when publishing a book."

Yeah, right. What about copyediting press releases?

Brent brags that "Our publishing guide Self-Publishing Simplified continues to serve as a product brochure, an example of the company’s exemplary quality, and evidence that publishing a print-on-demand book does not require an outlandish retail price. Try to find a new book by any other print-on-demand publisher on Amazon for $5.95! The power of our pricing speaks for itself."

Yeah, right.
  1. This inaccurate and dishonest book ("an example of the company’s exemplary quality"),  is priced low because it is an advertisement and Brent wants to make it easy for potential customers (i.e., victims) to afford it. It's not priced like a real book that is expected to make money for its author.
  2. Several booksellers offer it (new) for just $2. That price is probably a better indicator of its value.


  1. This has gone far enough.

    It's time for Brent and his army of idiots to do the honorable thing -- close the company and commit suicide.

    In the interest of publishing, they must stop work immediately, and they must eliminate the chance of reproducing and thereby polluting the gene pool of future generations.

  2. I wouldn't trust Outskirts Press to publish toilet paper.

  3. ENOUGH trash talk!

    Stop picking on them!

    You should honor Outskirts Press, not condemn them.

    Outskirts Press should be commended for being socially responsible. They hire editors who are mentally handicapped or blind, or both.