Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OMG (again):

Pathetically stupid Outskirts Press misspelled its own name

I really didn't plan on slamming OutskirtS Press again today. I thought I'd give the bozos a break for a few days; but I found something that's so good (i.e., so bad) that I couldn't delay passing it on.

I've come to expect that a press release from OutskirtS Press will include ads for competitors, overused  phrases and strange terminology. But this is the first time I've known the OutskirtS idiots to misspell the name of their own company!

If the company's "infrastructure of talented publishing artisans" (and a boss and boss's wife who majored in English in college) didn't notice that the last letter of their company name was missing from the title of a press release, what are the chances of them publishing a proper book?

There's probably no chance at all.

(And like all OutskirtS books, this one is deftly constructed of Paperback cream, is being aggressively promoted with pervasive online availability, was published simultaneously with the launch of a webpage, claims that an author's first book is his latest book, meets consumer demand, and can be ordered for the maximum price set by the author.)

If you have any doubts about Outskirts Press, the company wants you to know that "Outskirts Press represents the future of book publishing, today."


Maybe it's time to melt-down the printing presses. When prehistoric publishers had to chisel each word onto the wall of a cave, maybe they were more careful than the staff at Outskirt Pres.



  1. Outskirts Press just keeps getting more and more stupider.

    How dos them stay in bizniz?

  2. Michael, I am imploring you to stop bashing Outdskirdts!

    Outdfskidts Press is a legitimate vanity publisher if there ever was one!

    I was just talking to another one of my homeless Outskritfs Authors yesterday and I mentioned how useful Brent Sampson's wonderful book, Sell on Amazon, (which was so lovingly plagerized from Aaron Shepard), has transformed my self-publishing business from a slapjob operation into an even larger Slapjob operation!

    I'm published! IN PAPERBACK CREAM!

  3. Christy, I think you mean Sell Your Book On Amazon. Sell on Amazon is a book by Steve Weber that teaches you how to be an Amazon Marketplace seller.

    I accused Brent Sampson of plagiarizing Aaron's book in a blog post when I was an Outskirts customer. One of their henchmen saw my post, e-mailed me about it, and said that I was out of line. He reasoned that Brent had made podcasts about his own tactics in December 2006, before the pub date of Aaron's book: January 1, 2007.

    I removed anything in the blog that accused Brent of plagiarism, but I left my criticism of his book. I found out later, however, that Aaron's book had been on sale since September 2006. The January date must have been the official "birthday" Aaron chose. Many books go on sale before the actual pub date.

    I'm still convinced that Brent read Aaron's book first.

  4. To Brandon:

    I'm surprised that Brent Sampson hasn't sued you for having a similar name.

  5. Hey Michael;
    I went back and read the posts on the Catholic press you posted about last week. Jeez! Are those all jokes, or are they trolls? Or trolls with a sense of humor?

    You sure do bring them out of the woodwork.

  6. Being sued for having a similar name? That would be hilarious.

    I'm trying to find the first post in which you started writing about Outskirts. I've been getting a real kick out of reading them.

  7. Brandon:

    I've written a lot about Outskirts -- the vanity press I love to hate. Use the search function at the top-left of the screen.

    There will be more soon.

  8. The author's most recent book to date. And surely out of all the books the author has written to date, this is definitely destined to become one of them.