Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Outskirts Press actually paid money to distribute a press release.

What's next: a cure for the common cold or peace in the middle-east?

Hmm. Is Outskirts Press paying attention to me?

In the past I slammed the sleazy, incompetent and dishonest vanity publisher for using ineffective freebie press release distribution services to distribute "news" about both Outskirts and its author/victims' books.

Unlike the paid-for services, the freebie services get little attention from the news media they are aimed at, and they even carry ads for competitors of Outskirts and its authors.

Today, a press release from Outskirts announced that its books can be made available on Espresso Book Machines (just like hundreds of thousands of books from other publishers going back to last Spring).

It's not surprising that Outskirts is doing this, because Outskirts uses Lightning Source to print books, and Lightning Source feeds book files to Espresso so books can be instantly printed by Espresso vending machines around the world.

What is surprising is that Outskirts has finally realized that when they spend zero to distribute a press release, they get pretty close to zero media coverage.

Amazingly, Outskirts actually shelled out at least $80 to tell the world about their latest news.

Of course, this change doesn't mean that Outskirts is making progress in other areas.

  • The press release continues the Outskirts Press tradition of bad writing, using the childish phrase "exact same."
  • The press release continues the Outskirts Press tradition of misleading potential customers. It says, "participation does not require any new processes or publishing ‘tools’ to master. We take care of all the details." The details consist of Outskirts authorizing Lightning Source to upload files to Espresso -- not exactly high-tech "tools to master."
  • At the time that the press release was distributed, the Outskirts Press website had absolutely nothing about the program, including its cost to authors. A search for "Espresso" on the Outskirts site comes up "no pages found." (Authors who self-publish through Lightning Source but do not use Outskirts, pay nothing for Espresso availability.)
  • As usual, Outskirts is dishonest. The press release serves up a big bucket of steaming, stinking bullshit about Outskirts being the "leading self-publishing company." Outskirts is not a self-publishing company --  either leading or following. Outskirts press is a vanity publisher that turns out some really crappy books promoted with really crappy press releases. CLICK for one victim's comments.
  • As recently as yesterday Outskirts Press continued to use poorly written ("most recent book to date") and cliche-ridden ("Deftly constructed at 202 pages") freebie press releases to announce the books written by its customers. Outskirts is now willing to spend money for self-promotion press releases, but not for press releases that promote the authors who pay Outskirts.


  1. Hey, is that new Outskirts book in "Paperback Cream?"

    Oh! I just can't resist books that are "Paperback Cream"!!!

    And I wish you'd stop bashing Outskirts, as they are the publishing leaders in the release and distribution of books deftly printed in exact same "Paperback Cream" that I love.

  2. Hey Christy...

    It might be fun to have Outskirts publish a book titled "Paperback Cream" by I. P. Deftly.

    And maybe we can get Baskin-Robbins to make Paperback Cream ice cream to promote the book.


    Be sure to see tomorrow's blog: Outskirts reaches a new level of ineptitude -- they misspell their own name in a press release.

    I was going to give Outskirts a few days off, but this is just too good to delay.

  3. How does anyone ever know if the royalty payment in "sinc" (proportional) with the books sold? You never know...so you test them....order your own books thru a bookstore and find out if you see any royalty payments...and when you do not see anything call them.
    The answer is: " your book does not sell"...
    Not true since you are buying your own books...(lol)
    Next tell them do not sell my books anymore...
    ...what happens then...the only thing that happens is that from that day on you will never see a royalty check again but the book is still available on line for years to come...
    ....this i