Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Apple tablet might be revealed today, might change the world, and might be good for publishers and authors. Or maybe not.

UPDATE: It's the iPad and prices start at $500 and I want one.

Here on the East Coast (in one of the 13 original colonies!), it's not yet 5 a.m.

By the time some of you late-sleeping West-Coasters and Pacific Islanders see this blog posting, Apple probably will have already made a long-awaited announcement about its potential Amazon Kindle-beater, Sony Reader-beater and B&N Nook-beater, and may have changed the world.

Or... maybe not.

For now, I'll just provide links to some learned speculation from the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Business Week. Feel free to believe or ignore as you wish.


In the past George Burns and Eric Clapton have been called "God." Maybe Steve Jobs will dethrone them later today in San Francisco.

I personally think that if the iTab or iSlate or iStrain or iYiYi or iGevalt (ethnic humor) or whatever it's called, can run all of the iPhone/iPod apps on a big color touchscreen AND display book, newspaper and magazine pages on that big screen, it will KICK ASS. It has the potential to become a major gaming platform. It could change book-reading beyond just providing a compact-yet-huge storage device by including multimedia addons and even live "tabcasts" and updates.

I have not yet bought an eBook reader, but I might go for this one.

I'd be perfectly happy to "load it up" with a connection to my PC, or use Wi-Fi, as I do with my iPod Touch, or if it comes with unlimited wireless downloading like the Kindle.

OTOH, if it won't work without an expensive monthly data downloading subscription, I'll probably spend my money elsewhere.



  1. "iGevalt?" Oy vey is mir.

  2. I blogged about this as soon as I read it on Google! Woo Hoo!

    But why did they call it iPad? Such a dumb name. Obviously no women were on their marketing team. Seriously. Let the menstrual jokes begin.

  3. To Christy:

    The jokes began almost immediately, but the fun may wear off in a few days. Nobody giggles at "bachelor's pad" or "notepad" or "launching pad" or "touch-tone pad" or "shoulder pad."

    For now, though, it's play time!!!

    Do you want the 16GB mini-iPad or the 32GB Maxi iPad? The 64GB Super-Maxi iPad is a good choice if you anticipate a lot of data flow.

    Amazon has been running a paid ad on Google for "ipad." When you click on it, you get a message on the Amazon site that asks, "Did you mean: ipod."

    MadTV anticipated the arrival of the iPad a few years ago. See

  4. Actually, women used to use cut-up maxi pads as shoulder pads.

    And I've been known, at times, to use a maxi pad as a note pad.

    The launching pad for my career was, indeed, a maxi pad.

    And as for your average "bachelor pad," we ladies quietly snicker every time you men-folk use that terribly outdated phrase.

    I'm getting the industrial strength iPad with wings and optional tampon usb drive.

  5. To Christy:

    ...and lots of books are padded.