Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another award-winner from the Borat Akademi of English Writteningistics:

Horrible writing from a publishing expert (HAH!)

Below, posted without modification, from Brian Scott, founder of It's "a free website to help aspiring and professional authors write a book proposal and sell their book to a literary agent or book publisher for a six figure advance. [Yeah, sure.] We also offer free resources and information on many aspects of book writing and book publishing, including book design, book distribution, self-publishing [I couldn't find any.] , and finding a literary agent.'

It's extremely unlikely that any writer as inept as Brian would get a "six figure advance" -- or a six-dollar advance. I believe in freedom of the press, but some folks should not be allowed to touch a keyboard, or a crayon. Brian also has a very weird online video. His head moves slightly but his voice is robotic and the rest of his body is as still as a corpse. I have a tree that shows more emotion.

You’re ready to publish his first book. You want to find the best editor. You can find hundreds of publishers – large and small. The possibilities seem endless, so choose carefully his book publisher. The advantages and disadvantages of choosing a publisher that the process is complicated and confusing. Selling your book to a publisher usually means they do the most work hard to ensure the success of his book.

The editors have contacts in industry and finance to produce and market their book. You can also expect further progress with an editor. Disadvantages are also abundant. Big publishers do not take a new author unless you already have a book published. The editors also part of the fees and advances. This adds additional cost to you. To find the best publisher, the book market to larger publishers who have a proven track record with your type of book. This will require field work on your part, but this method is implemented. While not all publishers are considered a working agent, you can still find many publishers who accept unsolicited proposals and book manuscripts.If you have money to self-publish, then the free publication. Self-publishing also has pros and cons.

Benefits include:

full control of your manuscript, publishers or editors do not request revisions, and maintain all rights. .

You can earn some money in the long run – if you know how to market your book.

The disadvantages are the lack of guidance from the editors and publishers; you are responsible for marketing your book, and the fees in advance may be large to produce and distribute his book. The worst case is reviewers and bookstores will not take you or your self-published the book seriously. The online editors provided with different formats in which the publication of his book, and paperback, hardcover, pocket-sized digital or. The online publishers charge fees equivalent based on the number of page sizes, or paper. Many publishers offer online publishing services such as design, graphic design and editing. If you are serious about the publication of his book, and then do a lot of research to make the best choice.

Many publishers are looking for new and new materials. This could be your passport to his writing career. OTHER WAYS TO PUBLISH YOUR BOOK The dream of every writer to publish his own book. Traditionally, to get their work into print that had to send your manuscript to dozens of publishers and literary agents. Then you had to wait. . . and wait. . . and wait for a response. This response was either an acceptance or – usually – a rejection. Oppose, no? Trends in publication today have changed little over the past ten years in favor of helping aspiring authors self publish their books with little or no cost. Authors of books have more options, thanks to the Internet, and this type of online publishing services offered by Lulu. com and CreateSpace. com. Online Services and the new printing technology allows authors to publish and market their own books, even if the financial return is nominal.

We will learn about different ways to publish your own book. INDIE MOVEMENT If you can not sign with a publisher known for printing your book, do not quit. Many authors publish their books with success without the help of an agent or a famous New York editor. Many publishers of trade paperback are willing to gamble on new and unknown authors. Publishers Trade paperback printing demands are smaller publishers. A growing trend of publishers of trade paperback is using new technology and printing techniques called Print on Demand. This new technology allows an author to place an order to print or publish only a single copy without high costs. There is no need for a huge roll.

Print on Demand is a growing market for books and standalone products, and this can only be your ticket to get your book published. THE e-book revolution Electronic publishing is a viable alternative to publish his book. Because the Internet is a vast world to distribute information edge, low cost, electronic publishers large and small are interested in a variety of genre – the self-help books, romance, mystery, science fiction and fantasy. Signing with an e-publisher of the book is practical and quickly to market his work as an electronic book. A growing trend of people who enjoy buying electronic books online and read on laptops, PCs, handheld readers, mobile phones and other electronic devices. Self-publishing New technologies have paved the way for self-publishing a viable option for publishing his book. Self-publishing no longer cost you six to seven thousand dollars, now you can self-publish in a fraction of the cost. Printers that use new technologies can publish a book for a few hundred dollars, sometimes less. In addition, you can contact and pay a printer to produce the book for a certain price. After that, you can use your own network of people and marketing skills to sell his book.

Self-publishing gives you total control – you call all the shots. You do not have to wait for a literary agent or editor to find that, in contrast, can take matters into their own hands, investing his own money. If the book becomes a success, then you can enjoy the benefits and rights for himself. Like any business venture, self-publishing may have more potential for upside, but may also have a greater chance of failure, you are responsible for marketing and selling your book. Make sure you are diligent in the process of distribution and market your book aggressively to generate steady sales. Publishing Trends have changed rapidly in recent years. Authors of books today are equipped with new ways to publish their books. They make their own decisions and retain all creative rights. Gone are the days when you waited 4-8 weeks to hear back from a major publisher about his book proposal or manuscript. Self-publishing the note rejecting banishes annoying. You are the best ways to publish his book in his way.



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  2. Hi, another good website for self publishers is . They provide a print on demand service without start-up costs.

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  4. To Anonymous:

    I wrote about Unibook at

    They have one BIG problem. Book distribution is from their website, only.

    They do not supply other booksellers, so your potential sales will be tiny unless you do a lot of promoting to drive potential purchasers to their website.