Monday, December 21, 2009

Reviewing a review
(of an Outskirts Press book, of course)

Embellish by R. L. Sloan
ISBN 9781432740320
Reviewed by Victoria Gonzales for Reader Views (9/09)

This book is a fun [I'm really getting tired of seeing "fun" used as an adjective. There are better words, like "entertaining."] addition to the vampire romance novels in circulation. [As opposed to the vampire romance novels that are out of circulation?] The book begins with a frightening description of a distressing event in the main character Solis Burkes’ [At this point we don't know the gender of Solis. It would be useful to point out that she was raped as a young girl -- per the description on]  life. [Awkward sentence structure.] This event would determine ["Affect" might be a better word.] the rest of her life. Her past is known by her family and a secret admirer. The premise is that a group of very evil people [Childish term.] have begun to take control of the town and threaten to influence ["Affect"or "dominate" might be better words.] everyone with their dark magic [Why not "black magic?"] and voodoo. Solis Burkes decides that she will exact revenge [Silly cliche.] on these evil people [Childish term, repeated.] . She joins forces [Overused cliche.] with a man who has been watching over her for many years. She wants revenge, and she gets it. Her family and friends are all in danger with ["Put in danger because of" would be better.] her involvement in revenge against the evil doers. [More appropriate for Batman.] Solis must make a decision to save her family and friends or continue with her revenge. [Why can't she do both?]

Overall, this is a great book and the most unique ["Unique" is an absolute. It can't be modified. Every unique thing is equally unique (i.e., one of a kind). Most people learn this by sixth grade.] part is the addition of such a young character’s voice. She is funny and brave, [Childlike description.]  and her inner thoughts [Are there outer thoughts?]  are fun to read. [Childlike description.]  I thought the author did a good job [Childlike.]  capturing a young teen’s voice. For example, Sloan writes: “I once again slammed the phone down as hard as I could. It felt good to do that! It might have been childish for me to do, but I was beginning to feel a newfound confidence that was starting to make me feel alive. It made me want to start regarding myself with some value [That doesn't seem like a young teen's voice.], and not be pushed around or taken for granted anymore.” The characters are very interesting to read about [Childlike description.], a protective grandmother, a nice teen with a big heart and a sad past, and a secret admirer, are all well developed. It is a very good read [The next time I read "good read," I'll stop reading and puke on my keyboard. Google shows more than 4 million uses of the hackneyed phrase. It's time to find something else!] , both fast-paced and thrilling.

I think anyone would enjoy this book, especially if you like romance and the paranormal. [I don't care about paranormal romances. Am I still part of "anyone?"]  It is the first book in a series, but is very worthwhile to read. R. L. Sloan is a good writer [Who probably deserves a good reviewer.]; she captures a youthful voice perfectly and she makes it fun [ENOUGH "fun," already.] to read about Solis and find out what will happen to her next. The dialogue between the characters is very interesting because she uses New Orleans colloquialisms and the characters’ names are very unique ["Unique" is an absolute. It can't be modified. Every unique thing is equally unique (i.e., one of a kind). Most people learn this by sixth grade.], for example Childress, Olvignia, and Erland. “Embellish” is simply a good book, and hopefully [Technically, that's an improper use of "hopefully," but our language is changing so I won't deduct any points for it now.] the sequel will come out soon!


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  1. Michael

    thanks once again for the "unique" review... It is "laugh out loud funny"

    or from my point of view, awful.