Thursday, December 3, 2009

More choice tidbits of previous award-winner from Borat Akademi of Writteningistics


With self-publishing, the author do not just write the articles, he is also responsible for the proofreading,

Self-publishing is a jam-packed responsibility

Some writers who prefer self-publishing would often try to do everything on their own, it is okay as long as you have the knowledge and expertise.

add an additional 1/8 inches on the side where the book will be binded.

Spaces are also good to the eye.

Character spacing is also important, lines which are compressed makes it look very heavy.

Make sure that you will a font style that would be easy on the eyes of the reader.

some fonts would require additional printing cost.

Pull out a book from your shelf or bookstores.

Be conscious with the size of the picture


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