Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whoopie! My book is now a bestseller (sort-of)

There are lots of bestseller lists. The New York Times list is the most famous, but other lists are assembled by USA Today, Publishers Weekly and booksellers such as Barnes & Noble and

Like the Times, Amazon has several bestseller lists. Their main bestseller list includes 100 books from all categories. As of today, Sarah Palin's rogue book is at the top and Precious is at the bottom.

In the Amazon list of bestselling books about home based businesses, my Become a Real Self-Publisher hit #38 today, up from #46 two days ago. It's behind books on poultry, catering and child care -- but ahead of books about landscaping, massage and bookkeeping.

I never thought of my book as being about a home-based business (I actually drive to an office five days a week), but I'll accept the honor.

I'm not buying any champagne to celebrate, but it sure feels good to be on any bestseller list. It's nice not being on the same list with Palin -- but I wouldn't mind changing places with her.



  1. That's great Michael! Congrats!

  2. Michael re the amazon sales stats, i don't want to spoil your good cheer, i came here via richard curtis blog and your comment in his blog re real vanity pubbers versus good self pubbers, as you say you are, and I believe you, there IS a difference, HOWEVER, I must tell you as a fellow journalist myself i have deeply researched the amazon sales stats numbers and Michael, that is pure HYPE and is H Y P E......those stats mean nada.....what they means is NOT BOOK SALES, but page views of your book on the amazon websites, perhaps via news stories or blog pick ups, but those are NOT sales numbers, those are pre-purchasing interested in knowing more about the book numbers and not one newspaper in the USA will tell the truth about this because amazon owns the media now, Bezos himself. You don't believe me. email me offline and i will show you the proof. you have been had. GOING FROM NUMBER 42 TO 38 MEANS NOTHING, IT IS ALL an illusion, an amazon hype media illustion, ask me how i know. I found out this truth two years ago and i have blogged about and even told the NTimes and nobody will print the truth. those are NOT sales figures, those are VIEW figures, if a book becomes hot news in the media, like an AP story, the VIEWS numbers will shoot up on amazon because many people are looking at the book now with interest, but they did NOT buy the book, they might have pre-ordered the book on amazon, but they did not pay cash adn they can and wll return the book. See? we have all been had? Did you know this? i bet you didn't. email me off at danbloom in the gmail dept, i am friend of Richard Curtis and a published author from 1985 and 2007 daniel halevi bloom, look at my amazon stats....haha, i am number 14,989,456,

  3. Michael,

    Also, I was googling some related material the other day about self-publishing and your press release through PR web was at #1 on my google results! Pretty impressive, they do seem to know what they are doing. Did you think PRWeb was a good investment?