Friday, November 13, 2009

Need a new PC? Shop carefully

For many years I bought a new PC every year. One year I'd get a desktop, and the next year I'd get a laptop.

Over the past few years, as PC technology sort of hit a plateau, my replacement cycle slowed down to about half its previous rate.

This week my formerly huge 21-inch monitor was beginning to look a bit small, and I wanted to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, so I decided to shop around.

Sam's Club and Costco had similar HP machines with a hi-def 25-inch monitor for $999 ($300 less than what I paid for the 21-inch monitor alone!). I could also get a similar machine at a similar price right from HP, but I'd have to wait about a week, and pay for shipping.

Costco is one of my favorite stores, and they got to sell me the new PC.

The deal was clinched by their two-year warranty and tech support (twice what I'd get from Sam's or HP) and 90-day return period. I'm not likely to return the new PC, but if there's a better deal on "Black Friday," I'll have another chance to consider my purchase.

The new machine is super, BTW. So is Windows 7.

UPDATE: In mid-December, Costco put the PC on sale for $170 less. They gave me back the difference with smiles, and absolutely no hassle. I LOVE COSTCO. Good selection. Good prices. Nice people. Easy returns. Free food. What could be better than that?


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  1. I bought my last laptop in 2007 and it was a custom-build Sony-- over $2,000.

    It's already obsolete, although it's been a very good machine so far. I'm moving back over to the Mac platform next year.