Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I just don't understand hyphenphobia

Belinda Kroll blogs as “Worderella” and packaged a collection of her blog advice to writers as a mini-book called Worderella on Writing.

I could not find even one hyphen at the end of any line in the book.

The effect is not artistic; it’s just plain silly, often ugly and unnecessarily difficult to read.

The pages are set flush-left/ragged-right, but the right sides are not just ragged, they're  J   A GG     E  D, with huge, unattractive gaps that could easily have been avoided.

Up above, the black vertical bar indicates the theoretical right margin of the pages, and the pinkish-purplish lines show where hyphenated words could have filled in some of the empty spaces.

Belinda was writer, designer and publisher -- so she gets all of the blame for this bad decision.

A book that tries to advise writers should have been done better.

(I admit that I am not perfect.)


1 comment:

  1. Good post, Michael. Thanks.

    Type doesn't have to be fully justified, but there is no excuse for big gaps on the right.

    It's not that hard to hyphenate a word. Word processors can even do it automatically (but not perfectly).