Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OK, I'll say something nice about Lulu

I've had a lot to criticize about Lulu lately. They publish some really crappy books, and have lousy customer service.

The company, however, does have one useful and fairly priced service.

Using Lulu to print one or a few books, when you’re not in a hurry, can cost about half as much as using a local copy shop. Lulu charged me $13.12 to print a 432-page 6x9-inch book, plus $6.53 to mail it. The mailing charge was over twice what it should have been, but the total was reasonable because there was no set-up fee.

Once you get up to around 15-20 books (depending on page count) it would probably be less expensive to use LightningSource for printing. Lightning charges an upfront fee and you'll have to jump through a few hoops to become a customer, but the price to print each book is about half of what Lulu charges.


  1. to print my manuscript of 280+ pages at home (terrible printer) costs around 45 dollars.
    to print it at an office supply store like kinkos or office max it runs me about 25.

    lulu printed me a copy of my book, 6x9 and 250 pages with shipping cost me 15 and some small change. so i could edit my work in physical form.

    other than that, no i am not a fan.

  2. Interesting leverage with Lulu, I can see how that might be useful. Just shipped a book to Book Surge for a client, 368 pages 6x9, unit cost to him is $5.27. Self publishers need to look at all the options to make sure they are using their $$ wisely. Thanks for the post.