Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another award-winner from the Borat Akademi of Writteningistics

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Yes, it could be your first experience in self publish a book, however that is not an acceptable reason for you to commit mistakes. Making mistakes when self publishing a book demonstrates that it is carried out unprofessionally and can be a hindrance to your initial success. These are some common mistakes which should be easily avoid:

Poor Writing. At any time when we write, it is easy for us to overlook a punctuation, spelling or make other typographical mistakes. But to permit these mistakes to appear on our self published book, will get us appear awfully unprofessional. Just imagine readers enthusiastically reading the blurb page and finding mistakes on the blurb page which is avoidable if you only have enlisted somebody go through it for you before publication and distribution.

Other thing that you would have to consider is the organizational flow of thought. If your book not properly ordered then it might be hard for some to read and clearly understand. You would have to make sure that you have a good and detailed outline to aid you with the writing. If you are having mental block in writing and believe that you want another person to support you, then you might want to employ a co-writer or an editor to go thru your work.

Mediocre book editing, formatting, and page layout. You would got to put in effort on the formatting of the book. Book sales can be easily affected by a awful cover or unimpressive title. You may have to find a book designer to do book’s layout for you and your book cover. Booksellers recognize that book jackets and covers are really important in clinching sales. So do you best to get a professional to do the cover design.

Lack of distribution, marketing and promotion plan. Okay, you have by now written a good book. It has been cleaned from mistakes, wrong spelling and typographical errors. You would need to think of a good campaign plan. It is important not to undermine this step. A number of self-published new author have overlooked this by reasoning that having a good book with them would be adequate. But how will a book be purchased if no body even realized it exist?

Another matter that self publishing writers should not forget is acquiring ISBN numbers. Really, this is an easy thing to do. There are web sites that could give you instructions on how to purchase ISBN from RR Bowker, which is the official U.S. ISBN agency.

To self publish actually involves every aspect of publication. To be successful with the book, you are not only have to write a good book but create opportunities for readers to be able to get acquainted and buy it.

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  1. It's nice that this idiot recognizes that poor writing is a problem. Unfortunately, he doesn't think it's his problem.

    Why do so many horrible writers try to advise other writers?