Friday, September 4, 2009

Launch your new book with a party

When your book goes on sale, you can create some local "buzz" and perhaps generate some business by hosting a book launch party.

Invite friends, neighbors, business associates, politicians, and reporters.

The party can be at your home, a restaurant, a hotel, a library, or maybe a relevant historical site. Serve refreshments, make a brief speech, read part of the book.

Some authors sell books at launches. I think it’s tacky to make friends feel obligated to spend money. A few years ago, a neighbor gave a book launch party. My wife went. She felt obligated to support the neighbor and spent $25 to buy a book neither of us will ever read.

If you can afford to, give books away. They’ll probably cost you only a few bucks each and will help create buzz. If you can't afford to give out lots of books, maybe have a free raffle where three lucky ticket holders win books. Whether or not you give out books, you can give out bookmarks or business cards that promote the book.

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