Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 Bullshit Award for poorly done non-writing goes to unknown author for 452 words that say absolutely nothing useful, interesting or important.


The 4 line phone system is a novel medium that maximizes
the capacity of communication remotely. There is currently
existing technology that permits simulateneous discourse
among three persons. However, this technology permits an
added benefit by affording four lines instead of three,
thereby allowing for an increased capacity and different

In today's business world, where convenience in
communication triumphs interpersonal communicative
presence, the remote congregation is compatible with
today's business world. Meeting in person is no longer a
necessity where the same information can be communicated
and conveyed at a distance. Therefore, necessary meetings
can be supplanted by remote access at a designated time as
opposed to a designated time and place. The restriction
that is inherent in general telephone communication is
predicated on the number of persons communicating not the
content of the communication. Therefore, with the use of
the 4 line phone system, this drawback to communication is
eliminated. Instead, the use of this system permits the
four users to communicate in real time, expanding the
bridge of communication.

The advent of this system allows business owners to
accommodate a broad range of clientele in a more dynamic
manner. Instead, of one business owner or lead partner
being relegated to one client at a time, multiple business
owners or specialists partake in a broad and complex issue.

The opportunity to talk simultaneously with multiple
clients or, alternatively, with multiple business owners,
is in of itself an obvious and critical benefit. When the
need for a specialist or translator is required, a common
three line phone system would suffice. However, with the
addition of another line, the possibility for a more
enriching and dynamic conversation and meeting is amplified.

Sometimes conflict resolutions can be adequately and
sufficiently reconciled and rectified when all the
necessary parties to the problem are present. This
capability is afforded by the inherent functionality of the
phone line system, integrating multiple points of view by a
multiplicity of personalities and perspectives.

Yet another benefit of the system is its capability to
accommodate multiple persons, namely 4, for purposes of a
teleconferencing event. Although the allotted number of
participants is only four, a meeting can nevertheless be

Another benefit of this particular line phone system is the
ability of persons employing it to realize a better and
more comfortable means of communication. When talking
outside of one's presence, one is at leisure and liberty in
terms of their physical disposition. As such, the nuanced
gestures or affirmative physical acts are displaced for
more thorough and calculated discourse on the subject

To conclude, this particular phone line system employs the
same, existing technology. However, it is amplified by the
added capability of an additional line, to wit, 4 lines in

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  1. This grammatically clueless dimwit must've been paid by the WORD. He/she could have covered the subject in 3 sentences.